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If you're not careful, bad things happen; but you learn. Twice. Umm . . . But you know- hasn't slowed me down.
Zorth when asked how he lost both of his arms[2]

Zorth is a goblin beast breeder and merchant in Asarius. As an NPC, Zorth is played by Matthew Mercer.



Zorth is an older goblin with a tuft of white hair that sits on the back of the head while the front is bald. He is missing both arms and wears a dirty but nice vest, no shirt, and slacks with no socks.[3]


Zorth is social and engaging. Zorth speaks with a lisp and has a somewhat effeminate personality. Though missing both of his arms, Zorth is highly dexterous with his feet,[4] proven by being able to scratch the side of his head with his foot while standing.



While learning to work with dangerous beasts, Zorth lost both of his arms[5] and learned to use his feet as hands.[6]

"Feral Business" (2x52)[]

Zorth offered the Mighty Nein a discount on purchasing moorbounders if they get rid of a dangerous creature in his breeding caves that has been killing his animals. Nott convinced Zorth that a statue of a tiny penis made by Jester Lavorre using her magical paint was actually the petrified penis of a small human. Zorth agreed to sell three moorbounders for six hundred gold and the statue after the creature in the cave was dead.[7]

After the Mighty Nein told Zorth the creatures in the cave had come through a portal from the Abyss, he suggested they inform Lady Oleos.[8]

"Cornered" (2x53)[]

Zorth trained Caduceus Clay, Caleb Widogast, and Jester Lavorre to bond with and ride the moorbounders they purchased.[9]

"The Favor" (2x56)[]


Fan art of Zorth, by Colton Balske of Kraven's Keep.

Zorth sold Fjord moorbounder harnesses for Beauregard and Caleb Widogast for 10 gold pieces.[10]


Character Information[]


Notable Items[]

  • "Tiny dick" (given to him by Nott as part of the sale of three moorbounders)[11]
    • Zorth believes it is the petrified penis of a tiny human, but it is actually a statue of a penis made with Jester's magical paint.

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Zorth (welcoming the Mighty Nein to his shop): "How are ye? You've come to do business then, aye?!?"
  • Nott: (negotiating the price for the moorbounders) "Six hundred and a tiny dick."
    Zorth: "Sold!"[12]



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