Zoran Kluthidol was a goliath blood hunter affiliated with the Tombtakers. While Lucien was missing and presumed dead, he worked as a torturer for the Myriad in Rexxentrum.[2]



Zoran was a goliath man, often seen carrying the massive pack containing the Tombtakers' threshold crests.


Zoran was a man of a few words, rarely speaking unless it was to complain about something or answer a question. He stated that he "didn't do friends".



Zoran was from the Menagerie Coast originally. He "wasn't much for friendship" until joining the Tombtakers.[5]

"Under Timeless Ice" (2x116)

Zoran was present when the Mighty Nein first came face to face with the Tombtakers in an Aeorian ruin.

"Ice and Fire" (2x121)

While the Tombtakers and the Mighty Nein were crossing the river of lava in Aeor, Zoran helped Jester avoid falling in. She used the opportunity to attempt to losen the strap of the pack he was carrying, but didn't succeed. After the group got to safety, Jester and Zoran thanked the other for saving each other's lives.

"Hunter and Hunted" (2x133)

Due to a trap set by the Mighty Nein, Zoran fell off a high place and was knocked unconscious, as did his compatriots Otis and Tyffial. Fjord finished him off by stabbing him in the neck at the start of the encounter with the surviving Tombtakers.


Zoran regarded the Tombtakers as compatriots, because he didn't "do friends".[6]

Character Information


  • Action Surge[7]
  • Rite of the Flame[8]
  • Hardened soul[9]

Notable Items


  • Zoran: (about Gelidon) If it didn't keep flying off, I would have fuckin' taken his head off, I would.



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