Zoen is a human pirate. As an NPC, Zoen is played by Matthew Mercer.

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"Dangerous Liaisons" (2x37) Edit

Alongside his shipmate Waldark, Zoen is told to sleep on deck and to give up his quarters to the Mighty Nein who were recently inducted into the Squall-Eater's crew under duress.[1]

"A Hole In the Plan" (2x42) Edit

During the first night of the Squall-Eater crew's stay on Darktow, Zoen is awakened in the middle of the night when Waldark falls through the floor of Avantika's office and lands on top of him. In panic, Zoen stabs Waldark multiple times before realizing his identity. Afterwards, he assists Waldark off the ship in search of aid at the nearby Bloated Cup.[2]

Upon arriving at the Bloated Cup, Caduceus Clay offers his help and successfully heals Waldark. As Zoen tries to apologize, Waldark punches him in the face in anger. Zoen spends the rest of the night both attempting to apologize and somewhat arguing with Waldark when his apology falls on deaf ears. The following morning Zoen is amongst the crew summoned to the Squall-Eater. He still seems apologetic when Avantika mentions his involvement in the previous night's unusual events.[3] He was on the deck when Caleb cast Wall of Fire.

"In Hot Water" (2x43) Edit

Zoen was present for the fierce battle between the crew of the Squall-Eater and the Mighty Nein. It can be assumed Zoen was either one of three unnamed crew members killed in the battle when Caleb cast Fireball, or that he was the unnamed surviving Squall-Eater crew member taken into custody by the Revelry alongside Bouldergut, Jeremiah and Ipess after the Plank King's sentencing of Avantika.

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