The Zhelezo are the city guard in the towns and islands of the Clovis Concord. They are less uniformly clothed and equipped than the Crownsguard, but exhibit a distinct trend toward wearing shades of blue and green, as opposed to the deep red shades common to imperial troops of the Dwendalian Empire. The Zhelezo are allowed to customize their armor individually.[1] Zhelezo are stationed to control entry into the city gates. They also patrol harbors and docks for illegal activity.

Armor & Uniform Concepts:

Nicodranas Regiment

(with Crossbow)

Port Zoon Regiment

(with Rifle)

Port Damali Regiment

(with Crossbow)

Zolezzo Regiment Crossbow Concept, Zolezzo Zoon Regiment Rifle Concept, Zolezzo Damali Regiment Crossbow Concept

Known Zhelezo


  • The word "zelezo"(želě̀zo) is Proto-Slavic word for "iron" (modern Czech & Slovak "železo", Russian "желе́зо/želézo", Polish "żelazo" - all meaning "iron" in respective languages); the connection between "iron" and "guard" is rather suggestive, especially since the word "irons" is used as a synonym for "chains/shackles" in English and the Latin equivalent, "ferrum" is used as a synonym for "sword" in many (especially poetic) contexts.


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