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Zethris Olios is a drow leader in the city of Asarius. As an NPC, Zethris Olios is played by Matthew Mercer.

Zenthris Olios by Anna Molla

Fan art of Zethris Olios, by Anna Molla.[art 2]



Lady Olios is a drow with almost violet skin and long, bright white hair that went past her shoulders and edges of the chair. She has a gentle face with purple eyes, like vibrant amethysts. Even in low light, her eyes shine very brightly. When Nott and Jester first met her she was wearing detailed silk robe that went past her ankles.[2]


Lady Olios's audience chamber in the Aurora Hold has an altar with an art piece of a beacon, indicating she is a follower of The Luxon.[3]



Lady Olios became powerful enough within her den to become one of three "den mothers",[4] the other two being her sisters.[5]

"Feral Business" (2x52)[]

Jester Lavorre and Nott met with Lady Olios to inform her of the strange demonic creature and portal to The Abyss they found under Zorth's shop. She informed them that several similar portals have been found recently. There has also been reports of denizens of the city having unusual dreams. She offered them two jobs should they stay in Asarius: find a Dwendalian spy who has been sending information on Kryn Dynasty troop movements or find the source of the portals and eliminate it. She was willing to offer gold or a favor as payment.[6]

"The Favor" (2x56)[]

After the Mighty Nein convince Lady Olios of the threat posed to the Kryn Dynasty, she agrees to take them for an audience with the Bright Queen and uses a teleport circle to get them there, along with their moorbounders.[7]


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  • The character's name is spelled "Zethriss Olios" in Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.[8]
  • Despite not being part of one of the twelve noble dens she is treated as "Lady Olios". It's possible this is due to her position as a den mother and the leader of Asarius.


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