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Zan Tal'Dorei was a female human rebel leader who fought the Kingdom of Drassig in the Scattered War, and soon afterward became the first Sovereign of the Tal'Dorei bloodline.


Zan gained a reputation in Syngorn during the Scattered War as a gifted warrior and leader of the scattered rebels. After Trist Drassig's defeat at the Battle of the Umbra Hills, various leaders of the Verdant Expanse assembled a council. However, the people, being used to a monarchy, requested there be a single ruler. The council nominated Zan, who accepted. However, she asked that she be addressed as Sovereign if a title was necessary, rather than "King" or "Queen".[1]

As sovereign of the newly founded Tal'Dorei Empire, Zan expanded the council to include both academic and military experts, and prioritized having a diverse range of viewpoints within her government.[2] She also expanded the city of Emon during her reign.[3]


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