Zac Eubank

Zac Eubank (@arentweclever and @zaceubank) was an employee of Geek & Sundry and the producer of the company's Twitch channel, including Critical Role.  His nickname on set and within the community was "Overlord", and he made frequent appearances in the pre-show, announcements, and post-show.

In Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Tips, Zac created and played a Dungeons & Dragons character for the first time, whom he named Snugglelord.  He later reprised this role in Critical Trolls for Extra Life.

Zac left Geek & Sundry to accept a position as the CEO of a new media company, Hyper RPG, which livestreams role-playing games on Twitch.  Upon Zac's departure, his brother, Lucas Eubank (@lucaseuspank), took over the producing role on Geek & Sundry's Twitch channel, before also leaving to join Hyper RPG.


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