Fan art of the yuan-ti abomination in the Temple of the False Serpent, by BlackSalander.[art 1]

Yuan-ti are a race of serpentfolk who are generally seen as corrupt and degenerate monsters by other races.


Jamedi Cosko described the yuan-ti as people of scale and fang, or snake-folk. He discussed variations of their strange physical forms: some have heads that are full of serpent features, patches of scales, yellow eyes, as well as some with limbs themselves transformed into snake-like forms.[1]



A yuan-ti clan dedicated to the dark god Zehir, the Cloaked Serpent, inhabited Urukayxl and regularly fought the lizardfolk there for control of the territory.[2][3]

On Urukaxyl, the yuan-ti have built a village around the Temple of the False Serpent,[4] which was a temple to Uk'otoa until Zehir commanded his servants to seize the temple and use it as a seal to prevent Uk'otoa's return from banishment. The yuan-ti there dress in simple attire suitable for the jungle environment and shun hoods so both members of their society and trespassers are easily identifiable.[5]

Lushgut Forest

Deep in the Lushgut Forest on the Menagerie Coast is a hidden society of yuan-ti who worship Melora rather than Zehir, but their lives are cut short by a curse that may be related to a nearby sunken temple.[3]


Off the western coast of Tal'Dorei is Visa Isle, where the elite of a "serpentfolk" empire have kept themselves in stasis since before the Calamity. They are not explicitly called yuan-ti, but the ghosts of the serpentfolk look like the more serpentine-bodied types of yuan-ti.[6]



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