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Yu Suffiad, who first appeared as Dusk, is a changeling warlock/paladin. They are played by Erika Ishii.


Official art of Dusk, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 3]


Dusk first appeared as a very slight, waifish-looking elf with tousled, close-cropped black hair. They had a tattoo of ocean waves in polygonal fractals on their left arm. When first seen by Bells Hells, they were wearing autumn-colored armor and clutching a rapier with crystal shards and metal barbs interwoven on the hilt.[9]

When they revealed their true changeling form, they described the ocean wave tattoo roiling and growing across their body, becoming more geometric and fractal before draining of color to become an "opalescent rainbow hue, like an oil slick on the choppy waters." Their muscles grew and become more wiry, their face become much sharper and more angular, and their body grew in size. Their clothes became black silk and leather with gold fractal patterns mirroring the ocean wave tattoo. Their eyes became "dark, inky voids, swirling with galaxies."[10]




According to what Dusk told the party, at some point in her past Dusk found herself in the Feywild, losing parts of her memory and confusing the timelines. The last thing she remembered was a beautiful and serene glen in the Feywild at sunset.[11] Dusk was looking for the people in a locket they wore, which held the images of Fearne's parents Birdie and Oleander Calloway. They had found Dusk wandering in the Feywild[12] and helped Dusk get back to the Material Plane but Dusk got separated from them.[13] They never mentioned that they had a daughter.[14]

Dusk stated their warlock powers came from their tattoo, but they didn't remember getting it.[15]

Campaign Three: Bells Hells

Bells Hells first encountered Dusk calling for help while being attacked in the streets of Bassuras by a gang of five ruffians. The party joined the battle, eventually killing or knocking out all of the assailants. Dusk thanked them and apologized for causing them trouble. Dusk was impressed to learn that Fearne was from the Feywild, and said how much they longed to return there.[16]

Afterwards, the party went with Dusk to A Taste of Tal'Dorei, where she shared her background with them, and accompanied them to the fortress of Paragon's Call. While there, Dusk asked Imogen if she and Laudna were "a thing", and Imogen replied, "No."[17] Back in their room in the Raha Den, Fearne and Dusk took the first watch. Fearne asked Dusk again about the Feywild and Fearne's parents and Dusk told her that they thought Fearne's parents might have been in trouble and never mentioned any grand plans to help save the Material Plane, although they regarded Dusk as family.

When Dusk went to her room, Matt requested everyone but Erika to leave the table. Dusk felt a presence at the back of their mind, the voice of the Sorrowlord Zathuda, Grove Captain of the Unseelie Court. He asked if Dusk had located the Moontide Crown and dealt with the Calloways yet. Dusk told him the Calloways have a daughter living in the mortal world who has led Dusk right to them. Zathuda replied that "Sammanar grows impatient", and he expected the crown soon. Dusk assured him he would have it, and they would end the Calloway line. As Dusk lay down to sleep, there was a momentary flicker and a riot of color passed over their face before disappearing.[18]

The next day, Dusk asked Laudna out to dinner, thoroughly flummoxing Laudna who (since she isn't totally alive) hadn't thought in dating terms for many, many years. Orym then told Dusk he'd never seen fighting technique such as she employs, and asked her to spar with the wooden toy swords he bought earlier. They battled, each disarming the other and then recovering, but Orym won and told her he thought her fighting style was fey. She asked him for some pointers - how about tonight? Embarrassed, he told her it was complicated, and he only likes guys, but she could keep the sword. Dusk was assertive during later discussions about the plans for the upcoming Deathwish Run.[19]

When Laudna was knocked unconscious during the Run, Dusk used the previously-unrevealed Paladin ability Lay On Hands to bring her back to consciousness.[20] When Birdie Calloway arrived at Imahara Joe's to meet with Fearne, Dusk finally revealed her true nature: she is a changeling warlock/paladin of a higher level than previously shown. She grabbed the hands of both Fearne and Birdie as Birdie gasped to Fearne, "You led them right to us."[21]

Official art of Yu's true form, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 4]

Dusk apologized for lying to Fearne and asked Birdie if she wanted to tell Fearne the truth, pointing out that although they'd had plenty of opportunities to harm Fearne and the party, they hadn't. Birdie cast a spell and vanished, but was unable to pull out of Dusk's grasp, and Orym immediately pressed his sword into the small of Dusk's back. Dusk told Fearne her parents were charlatans and grifters from the Seelie Court who stole the Moontide Crown from the Unseelie Court. Dusk then transformed into a hot half-elf man and told Orym the invitation was still open, but Orym stabbed them in the back until they let go of Fearne's hand. They introduced themself: Yu Suffiad. When Birdie also stabbed Yu, Imogen Commanded Yu not to attack and Orym succeeded in disarming Yu.

After Birdie gave her version of the Crown's theft, Yu reminded her that if Yu is killed, more assassins will keep attacking. They will have to fight every member of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, and the Keeper of the Moontides. Yu shows them a hand mirror created by Ira Wendagoth, the Nightmare King, which holds corrupted shadow assassins that target a person the mirror is activated and pointed at. Yu said it has not been used but any subsequent assassins won't have such qualms. The only thing that would stop the Court sending more assassins would be the return of the crown and the death of the Calloways. Birdie noted that at least they didn't know about Fearne, but Yu admitted she told them. She was just doing her job.

After much discussion, Yu agreed to wait a month, until after the upcoming apogee solstice. At that point, the Calloways would return the Crown and accompany Yu back to the Feywild. As Yu readied to leave, Orym used their sword to slash their sleeves before returning it to them.


Fan art of Dusk's true form, by Mikael.[art 5]

Fearne Calloway

Dusk and Fearne had a shared love and appreciation for the Feywild, which they bonded quickly over. Fearne stated that she "would love" to go back to the Feywild with Dusk.[22] Dusk also expressed to Fearne a desire to live outside of the rules the Material Plane places on them, and encouraged Fearne to do the same. Fearne was horrified and confused by Dusk's eventual reveal of her true identity and purpose.[23]


Dusk asked Laudna out to dinner, but Laudna nervously put them off,[24] eventually declining. She thanked Dusk, apologized for being so awkward, and explained no one had said anything like that to her in 30 years. She just wasn't ready for that emotional leap, although Dusk was "darling and lovely".[25]


Dusk asked Orym for private training lessons, clearly meaning a possibly romantic meeting of some kind, but Orym very embarrassedly told her he was only into guys, and that his situation was "complicated".[26] During the confrontation with Birdie and the party, Yu transformed into a hot half-elf man and told Orym the offer was still open, but Orym replied, "Hard pass."[27]

Character information

Notable items

  • Rapier[28]
  • Armor[29]
  • Locket with a painted portrait of Birdie and Oleander Calloway.[30] (given by Birdie and Oleander)
  • Dark metallic ring[31] that tracks Fearne's location. Pickpocketed by Birdie Calloway[32]
  • Another magical ring[33] (presumably a Ring of Mind Shielding)[34]
  • Robes with a faint magical aura[35]
  • Boots with a faint magical aura[36]
  • Gauntlets with a faint magical aura[37]
  • Strongly magical sword with runes pertaining to banishing and creating shadow[38]
  • Enchanted hand mirror containing corrupted shadow assassins targeted at a person it is activated and pointed at[39]


Unless otherwise noted, the following abilities are assumed from the standard Dungeons & Dragons materials:

Changeling abilities

  • Changeling Instincts
  • Shapechanger

Warlock abilities

  • Otherworldly Patron (The Hexblade)[presumed]
    • Hex Warrior
    • Hexblade's Curse[40]
  • Pact Magic (Charisma-based spellcasting)
  • Eldritch Invocations (3)
  • Pact Boon: Pact of the Blade[presumed]

Warlock spells


Paladin abilities

  • Divine Sense
  • Lay on Hands[47]
  • Sacred Oath: Oath of Conquest[48]
    • Channel Divinity: Conquering Presence[49]

Appearances and mentions


  • Imogen: How long were you in the Feywild? Do you know?
    Dusk: I feel like I have lived a thousand different lifetimes in there, or maybe just one long one.[50]
  • Dusk: (to Imogen) Are you and Laudna a thing?
    Imogen: A thing? Like, what do you mean?
    Dusk: Like, romantically entangled.
    Imogen: Um. (pause) No.
    Dusk: Okay! Okay. Cool. Okay.[51]
  • Zathuda: (to Dusk) Don't think you're the only one still on this job.
    Dusk: Yes, but I'm the only one that's gotten success, that has results, and is the prettiest.[52]
Suddenly, the tattoo on my arm springs to life. A roiling, crashing ocean. And as the waves break, they splinter off into geometric patterns that multiply and divide. They crawl up my arm, over the shoulder, across the neck, engulf my face. All of the geometric shapes drain of color and instead, take on an opalescent rainbow hue, like an oil slick on the choppy waters, not an absence of color, but all of them at once. And as the waves smooth and soften, you see that my form has changed. I'm taller. I'm all wiry muscle and taut angles. My face: sharper features that only rhyme with the soft, delicate ones that you knew. I snap my fingers. My clothes turn inside out, and there's black robes of silk and leather, with gold patterns that match and mirror the tattoos. I close my eyes, and when I open them again, you stare into dark, inky voids, swirling with galaxies.
Dusk's reveal[53]
  • Birdie Calloway: (to Dusk) If you're as good a hunter as you say you are, you'll find us, right?
    Yu: I will. I will always find you. And you won't even know it's me, sometimes.[54]
  • Yu: (to Orym, after he slashes her sleeves) If you wanted to get my coat off, all you had to do was ask.[55]


  • Their name seems to come from the Japanese (夕, evening). Their alias, Dusk, is the moment of the day just before the evening. Both of their names refer to the twilight and the growing darkness, possibly connecting with the lack of light associated with the Unseelie Court.
  • Erika Ishii's character notes for Dusk included "K-pop hair" and "SOFT AND ANDROGYNOUS".[56]
  • Erika explained that she and Matthew Mercer had talked around October 2021 about her character, and her desire of playing a changeling, and after speaking with Ashley Johnson about Fearne Erika decided to lean in an antagonistic role.[57]
    • Since the conversations about Yu's race took place way before Exandria Unlimited: Calamity was released, Erika made her character with the idea of them being the first changeling player character, not knowing that Sam Riegel would also play one.
  • According to Erika, Yu started training from a young age to become an agent of the Unseelie Court, and due to the nature of their job, they rarely have a day off.[58]
  • Yu's tattoos, with their geometric patterns, could refer to the Yore Mirrors that Sorrowlord Zathuda threatened them with, and which, if the same as the hand mirrors that the changeling showed to Bells Hells, would contain dark and corrupted versions of other changelings.
    • Yore is an archaic English term that refers to the past, especially long past.


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