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Yrrosa is a town in the Dwendalian Empire where the intercontinental crime syndicate called the Myriad was founded and long headquartered.


Yrrosa is a sizable but obviously ramshackle township amidst snowy fields. There are numerous humble inns, as well as taverns, liveries, and stores at the intersection of Havenpath Road and Pride's Walk Road; the streets of the town are muddy.[2]


Yrrosa was one of the first outposts founded by the survivors of the crashed city of Zemniaz after the Calamity, but the frigid area was not fertile enough to serve as the foundation of a new society.[3]

Around 755 PD, a struggling shipping company[3] (or trapper guild ousted from Icehaven[2]) in Yrrosa turned to smuggling and, through clever competitive tactics, grew rapidly into the largest criminal organization on the continent, the Myriad. In 820 PD, the Dwendalian Empire discovered and raided the Myriad's headquarters in Yrrosa, scattering the organization's leadership but leaving most of the organization's power intact.[3] The starosta at the time, Stefan Weberrat, was arrested for aiding the Myriad; his successor, Zulla Sauer, has also long been involved with the Myriad, and helps keep the organization informed.[2]

Since the recent discovery of the ruins of Shattengrod to the south, Yrrosa has become a base of operations for parties preparing to delve into the ruins.[2] As of 835 PD, the Myriad is carving out new bases in Yrrosa and may eventually reclaim its old hideout.[2]

The Gentleman had a book taken from a Lawmaster in Rexxentrum that recounted the founding of the Myriad in Yrrosa. It included a collection of figures of interest at the time.[4]



Starosta Zulla Sauer nominally serves the Crown, working with the local noble families, but secretly works with the Myriad.[2] Zulla is daughter of respected mining baron Petrov Sauer of Druvenlode.


A battalion of Crownsguard supplemented by mercenaries protect the town.[2]


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