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Cover of "Your Turn To Roll".[art 1]

"Your Turn to Roll" was the theme song of Critical Role until the start of Campaign Three, where it was replaced by "It's Thursday Night". It was composed by Jason Charles Miller, with lyrics by Sam Riegel.



The Making of "Your Turn to Roll" - The Legend of Vox Machina

In 2015, Critical Role debuted their first episode opening with "Breaching the Emberhold" (1x06). It featured the original instrumental version of the song composed by Jason Charles Miller. The theme song was reworked with every new opening.

The first version to feature Sam's lyrics premiered with the animated Mighty Nein opening in 2018, with the episode "The Diver's Grave" (2x44) animated by Karekareo. The lyrics were written specifically for the kickstarter trailer of The Legend of Vox Machina. The song features violin by Colm McGuinness, drums by Peter Habib, main vocals by Ashley Johnson and Laura Bailey, and backup vocals by Travis Willingham and Sam Riegel. The song was recorded at Outloud Audio in Burbank, California.[1]

The animated version of the trailer was created by Camille and Kevin Areopagita or Karekareo.


The adventure begins
They were always beside you
Your nerdy best friends
And the DM to guide you
And they rise from the flames for the battles ahead
Villains beware 'cause you're 'bout to be dead

They got magic and flair
They got falchions and cunning
They don't see over there
There's a monster incoming
Inspiration is waiting
Rise up, don't think twice
Put your fate in your hands
Take a chance, roll the dice

Can you answer the call
Dig in deep in your soul
As the legend unfolds
Now it's your turn
To roll


  • As of March 2022, six versions of the theme song have been released.
  • This song was featured in the Legend of Vox Machina kickstarter Animated trailer.
    • Only two versions feature vocals, the phrase "daggers and cunning" replacing "falchions and cunning" in the Legend of Vox Machina version.
  • Laura recorded the vocals for the song while breastfeeding her newborn son, Ronin, in the sound booth.
  • Ashley's vocals were recorded in Sam's home studio.
  • Several tracks from The Legend of Vox Machina Soundtrack quote the melody of Your Turn to Roll.
  • There are slight differences in the video of the various versions of the animated trailer.
  • The song is also featured in the Mighty Nein Reunited with updated animation.


  1. See the Making-Of video.


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