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Yos Varda was the Champion of the Dawnfather and the leader of the Beacon of Arms (or the Army of the Just[1]).



"The Endless Atheneum" (1x106)[]

The Knowing Mistress told Vox Machina about Yos Varda's final battle leading the Beacon of Arms. For months, Vecna had been able to open portals at a whim so that his forces could control the time and place of battle and retreat to Thar Amphala before retaliating forces could be mustered. But Vecna's foes reverse-engineered his method of opening portals, and just as he was attempting to ascend to godhood with the Ritual of Seeding,[1] the holy army assaulted Thar Amphala, and Yos Varda climbed Vecna's tower, where the ritual was taking place, to fight Vecna directly. Yos was struck down by the Undying King, but as Yos lay dying, he witnessed Vecna's chief lieutenant, Kas the Bloody-Handed, attack the winded Vecna in an attempt to take his place; Kas and Vecna were both destroyed, and surviving members of the Beacon of Arms returned home victorious. Yos himself passed into the realm of Pelor.[2]

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