Yeza Brenatto is a halfling alchemist and Nott's husband.[1] As an NPC, Yeza is played by Matthew Mercer.



Yeza is short even for a Halfling. He has bushy brown hair, long sideburns, narrow shoulders and a large nose. He is described as "not a looker" though he is to Nott.

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Nott told the Mighty Nein that her former goblin clan captured Yeza after Nott became the torturer's assistant. Due to her position, Nott had contact with him and treated him kindly, and the two become friends. The goblin clan despised this, their initial orders were for him to be killed, but allowed this to continue as he provided information they deemed valuable. Nott learned a lot from him, including alchemy, the halfling language, and information on the halfling settlement of Felderwin Village. When the clan requested that Nott kill Yeza after extensive interrogation, Nott decided to free Yeza and escape. She got drunk and shot another goblin in the butt, with Nott and Yeza running in opposite directions away from the clan. She never found out what happened to Yeza. Nott told this story without saying Yeza's name.[1] Nott later revealed Yeza's name to Caleb (and to Kiri, unintentionally) while they searched for a rock together. Upon returning to the rest of the group, Kiri mimicked the name to the Mighty Nein, much to Nott's displeasure.[2]

This version of events was later revealed to be mostly untrue. Yeza was actually Nott's husband. Nott was born as a halfling woman named Veth. Yeza was dared to kiss Veth as part of a game. They became close and got married. They had a son named Luc. When all of them were captured in a goblin raid on Felderwin, Veth distracted the goblins to give Yeza and Luc a chance to get away. They did get away, but Veth did not.

"Homeward Bound" (2x48) Edit

When the Mighty Nein reached Felderwin, they discovered that Yeza's shop/home had been burned down in the Kryn Dynasty assault. A local crownsguard noted that Yeza went missing during the attack and had not been seen since, though no body had been found. Inside a chest in Yeza's basement, the Nein found two pages from a diary or letter by a Cerberus Assembly researcher, who had worked with him. The second page of this document referred to him as an alchemist "obnoxious in his simplicity" who had good instincts but wasn't intelligent enough to betray the Cerberus Assembly. Yeza apparently produced a vial of dunamis extract[3], which the Nein took with them.

"A Game of Names" (2x49)Edit

One of the Crownsguard who fought in the Kryn Dynasty attack told Beauregard that he saw Yeza being taken by Kryn soldiers.

"The Endless Burrows" (2x50)Edit

"Xhorhas" (2x51)Edit

Jester cast Sending to Yeza, asking him to cough once for "Yes" and cough twice for "No". Yeza coughed twice for "Are they moving you?" and once for "Are you safe?" Jester cast Sending again and asked him to cough once for each person guarding him. Yeza coughed three times.[4]

"Cornered" (2x53)Edit

Jester cast Sending to Yeza, asking if he had any more information on his location or his captors' plans for him. Yeza responded that he is in an underground cell and has not been interrogated. Jester cast Sending a second time to ask why he was taken. She added that Nott missed him and asked if he has heard of The Traveler. Yeza responded that he believes he was taken because he was working with the Cerberus Assembly. He did not know who Nott was. He added "Are you still coming?"[5]

"In Love and War" (2x57)Edit

Yeza reunited with Nott, who gradually introduced him to her new form by initially appearing under a disguise spell. Yeza was surprised by her change in appearance, but was still overjoyed to have her back.

"Wood and Steel" (2x58) Edit

Yeza replaced his clothes and accompanied Nott to a potion shop. When the Nein left on their task for Waccoh, Nugget and Sprinkle stayed behind with Yeza to keep him company.


Luc BrenattoEdit

Luc assumed that Yeza was dead after the raid on Felderwin. Yeza hid his work with the Cerberus Assembly from Luc, telling him to hide whenever "the mean lady with the pointy ears" (likely Vess DeRogna) came to their house.

Veth Brenatto/NottEdit

Since becoming a goblin, Nott has sent Yeza letters and signed them as Veth. Despite this, Yeza told Luc that goblins killed Veth. He gives Luc the presents Nott has sent, but does not tell Luc who they are from. Once she heard of the attack on Felderwin, and finally made her way to his jail cell, under a disguise spell to look like her halfling self, he was excited to see her. When Nott dropped the disguise, he smiled and said "It's still you, isn't it?" The night they slept in the same room, Nott slept on the floor. Yeza woke, asking why, but joined her on the floor where she was more comfortable. Veth acts as a protector to Yeza, allowing him to hide behind her in a shop. She flaunts his alchemical abilities fondly, and speaks up for Yeza when he doesn't himself ("We need shoes for my husband!") Veth and Yeza are married.


  • Yeza: "It's still you though, right?"
    Nott: "...yeah."
    Yeza: "That's all that matters."
  • Yeza: "They asked me questions but Lady DeRogna said not to tell anybody anything, that if anybody was told about what we were doing that she would take Luc away and I...can't let that happen. So she can't know about this. She cannot know about this, please."

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  1. Fan art of Yeza, by my2k (source).  Used with permission.
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