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Yetis are hulking monstrosities that stalk alpine peaks in a ceaseless hunt for food.[3] Their snow-white fur lets them move like ghosts against the frozen landscape.[3]



The following is taken from the Monster Manual, p. 305.[1]

  • Skill proficiencies: Perception, Stealth
  • Keen Smell: Has advantage on Perception checks dealing with smell
  • Snow camouflage: Has advantage on Stealth checks in snowy terrain
  • Actions
    • Chilling Gaze: The yeti targets one creature it can see in an attempt to paralyze it with cold damage.
    • Claw: Deals both slashing and cold damage.
    • Multiattack: The yeti can use its Chilling Gaze and makes two claw attacks.


Yetis are typically savage creatures that hunt in solitude or in small family groups.[3] Occasionally, though, yetis may gather in large forces to attack settlements.

In Mythburrow, Gelidon's lair, a group of yetis inhabit the cavern in an apparently symbiotic relationship with the white dragon, bringing her offerings of food left at the base of the shaft leading upward to her lair.[4] They camp in the cavern just inside the entrance,[5] while Gelidon's lair lies deeper inside the cavernous complex.

In Allowak's Sanctuary, a secret tribe of intelligent yetis led by an abominable yeti named Brightheart have established a small settlement and village. They attacked the Mighty Nein presuming them to be poachers or thieves, as they are very defensive of the body of Allowak and the crystal monolith in their village.[6][2]

In 843 PD it was said that some intelligent yetis were living near the Crystalsands Tundra.[7]

Known yetis[]



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