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Yenlara Alderwreath was a sorceress who led the wood elves after the Divergence.




Official art of the Emerald Citadel of Syngorn, by Kent Davis.[art 1]

During the the Calamity, the elves of the fallen Court of Ullusa sought shelter in the Feywild. Returning to the Material Plane a generation later, under the guidance of Yenlara they ventured westward to the Verdant Expanse, an untamed forest born from the surging, post-Calamity energies left untouched by the Betrayer Gods’ evil. Here they started building their new home, Syngorn.[5] Ever since, the High Warden of Syngorn has allegedly been of Yenlara's bloodline.[6][7]

Warren Drassig, upon his rise to power in Emon in the late fifth century PD, cut off ties with Syngorn. When Yenlara's grandson, the ambassador to Emon, attempted to resolve things diplomatically, he was tortured and killed, kicking off the 32-year Scattered War in which Yenlara's wood elves, with human and halfling allies, fought the Kingdom of Drassig and its allies in Kraghammer.[8]

Yenlara's bloodline[]

In Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn, the adventure hook No Basis for a System of Government presents a longsword found in the Gladepools (where an oracle's spirit is supposed to be bound) which leads to a conspiracy in Syngorn regarding the current High Warden's ancestry: according to this, Tyrelda (and thus her own son, Braum) isn't the true heir of Yenlara, since at some point, centuries ago, someone managed to subvert the sorcerer's bloodline somehow; according to the longsword, the weapon itself is meant to be found by the true heir, questioning whether the right thing to do is to keep who has been an efficient leader up to now or replace her with the individual to whom the position of High Warden corresponds dynastically.[9]

Given that it is unknown how Yenlara's lineage was subverted, as well as the rules and circumstances under which a High Warden inherits their position, it remains unclear to what extent the connection between the sorceress and Tyrelda is lost. One possible explanation is that the current High Warden is not related to her legal ancestor at all (which could be explained by adoption, baby swapping, or infidelity at some point in the genealogy); another option is that Tyrelda and her son belong to Yenlara's family, but do not descend from the line to which it corresponds to rule Syngorn (which could be explained if at some point the designated heir had disappeared, forcing to resort to another relative to become the next High Warden).

Since information about the High Warden's lineage is in an underground conspiracy and a mysterious blade in a lake, by 836 PD, legally and publicly speaking, High Warden Tyrelda stands as the rightful ruler and descendant of Yenlara Alderwreath.

Appearances and mentions[]


  • It is unknown if "Alderwreath" was Yenlara's surname or some sort of sobriquet.
  • Opulent tapestries of Yenlara line the Emerald Citadel in Syngorn.[10]


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