Yenk was a goristro from the Abyss that had devoured the Spire of Conflux.  As an NPC, Yenk was played by Matthew Mercer.



Yenk was a large, hulking behemoth, extremely muscular and covered in fur. Bony protrusions and ridges jutted from his body like spikes. He had hooked teeth and horns curling forward over his head. He wore brass jewelry emblazoned across the bone of his horns. His eyes were red and his voice was deep and guttural.[2]


Yenk was violent and aggressive, easily convinced to fight Vorugal while under the influence of Dominate Monster and continuing the battle even after he shook off the effects of the spell. His focus was on the dragon, but Yenk still swung out at anything else that came near him.[3]



Around the early fifth century PD, Yenk consumed the vestige known as the Spire of Conflux, along with its former wielder, Joran the Sea-Speaker.[4][5]

"Vorugal" (1x71)

Scanlan Shorthalt used a Gate spell scroll to summon Yenk to the ruins of Draconia to use as bait for Vorugal. Scanlan used a successful Dominate Monster spell to convince the fiend to challenge the dragon and Vox Machina hoped for one of them to kill the other. However, after several rounds of fighting, Yenk managed to shake off the spell and take a swing at Percy, causing Vox Machina to join in the battle.

Grog eventually landed the final blow on Yenk as the fiend did a jumping kick at his head. The goliath grabbed him by the legs and slowly tore him in two.

Once the battle had ended, the Spire of Conflux was retrieved from the goristro's eviscerated stomach and given to Keyleth.[6]


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