Fan art of Yeenoghu, mentioned in "The Howling Mines" (2x06), by Callum Lyall.[art 1]

Yeenoghu is one of the demonic lords of the Abyss that once roamed the Prime Material Plane. He is a large, bestial, feral, angry demon. He is ever-hungering, ever wandering to conquer and devour, leaving destruction, fetid meat, and waves of yipping, angry hyenas to devour what was left behind in his wake.[1]

Yeenoghu is the Demon Prince of gnolls and their creator.[2] Many gnolls pay homage to Yeenoghu.

Yeenoghu's might and clout don't compare to the likes of Orcus, but he controls a layer of the Abyss, Yeenoghu's Realm, where he hunts lesser demons while he schemes to conquer other layers opportunistically. Seeking the downfall of civilization, Yeenoghu sends gnoll servants and (rarely) other cultists to attack and destroy cities.[3]

Yeenoghu, symbol

Yeenoghu's holy symbol: a triple-headed flail

Yeenoghu is often depicted as a massive gnoll about fourteen feet in height. His fur is matted and his armor amassed from fallen enemies.[2]

Yeenoghu's symbol is his unique exotic weapon: a huge triple-headed flail.

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