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Yash Mangal (pronounced /ˈjɑːʃ ˌmɑːŋˈɡɑːl/) is a half-elven member of the Hubatt Corsairs. As an NPC, Yash Mangal is played by Matthew Mercer.



Yash speaks Common with a Marquesian accent, and his first words to Bells Hells were in Marquesian. He is tall and has smooth sepia-toned skin, light brown eyes, and dark, tangled hair. When the party first encountered him, he was wearing bracers and a sleeveless light beige shirt with a forest green leather chestplate over it. He carries a scimitar.[3]


Yash is described as suave.[4] He is suspicious and wary, as a member of a secret society, and behaves somewhat sarcastically towards the party. However, his manner is still fairly casual, and he quickly trusted them enough to share his name and some information about Dugger and the Corsairs.[5]


Yash by ElesirArt

Fan art of Yash, by ElesirArt.[art 2]

"On the Trail of a Killer" (3x04)[]

When the party were in search of the Hubatt Corsairs, they were sent to the Root Trader Alcove in Elder's Post and told to give the phrase that they'd "come for the laughter". When they did so, they were escorted to a darkened room where they found themselves surrounded by hostile figures. Yash (not yet named) came forward, pointing a scimitar at them, and told them in Marquesian it wasn't their luckiest of days.

"The Threat Between the Walls" (3x05)[]

Yash switched to Common and addressed the party. He was at first reluctant to reveal any information to them, and he asked for collateral in the form of information about their loved ones and openly threatened to cut off their fingers if they lied. However, once that information was given, and after a persuasive speech from Imogen, he loosened up considerably. He provided them with information about Dugger's former affiliation with the group as well as the location of Dugger's home. He denied that he held a position of leadership within the Corsairs but asserted that he only acted as their spokesperson.

"Growing Bonds and Teasing Threads" (3x06)[]

The party went to the Root Trader to update Yash. He was defensive on being suddenly waken but after performing his skincare routine he began eating breakfast and spoke to the group. He was horrified but intrigued by what had happened to Dugger. He was also tentatively interested in making the connection with Eshteross.


Yash is a member of the Hubatt Corsairs. While the group has no official leader, he often serves as the speaker.[6] He is shown to receive special protection amongst the other Corsairs, he is given preferential treatment, and he is trusted and obeyed by other Corsairs.[7] Fresh Cut Grass referred to him facetiously as the "definitely-not-leader of the Hubatt Corsairs".[8]

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  • (while pointing a scimitar at the party, who are surrounded by thirty dark threatening figures) "This, friends, is certainly not your luckiest of days."[10]
  • "So who sent you? Why? Choose your words carefully, as points deducted for falsehood and bad humor will only prolong your eventual pain."[11]



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