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Khedive Xundi, Lord of Silver Silt is a marid who was freed from the control of Algar Dyomin by Mighty Nein. As an NPC, Xundi is played by Matthew Mercer.



Xundi is an impressively large, aquatic humanoid, standing at full stance around 7-8' tall. His face is fish-like, with a wide mouth and small fins that crest his head. He has blue-green skin that glows faintly, and his chest and torso are rather rotund. He wears a small vest, and has long, thin arms that end in somewhat webbed, clawed fingers. The lower half of his body is comprised of constantly rushing, swirling water.[2]

When the Mighty Nein first encountered him, he was forced to wear a thick metal band around his neck indicating his captivity under control of Algar Dyomin.[3]


Under the control of Algar, Xundi displayed general irreverence towards his master. He spoke with undertones of "exasperation and eye-rolling."[4] He also seemed mostly unbothered by the appearance of the Mighty Nein in the Sluice Weave, whereas Algar was quite alarmed that any intruders could make it to there.

Xundi enjoys tempting mortals to go on grand adventures, often setting the bait by offering power (as a genie and a lesser idol, Xundi can lend a measure of power to mortals) and buttering up guests with sumptuous entertainment at the Palace of Silver Silt in the Elemental Plane of Water.[5]



"Encroaching Waters" (2x34)[]

The Mighty Nein first encountered Xundi while investigating the Sluice Weave, where he was under the control of Algar. Algar instructed Xundi to ensure enough water was powering the engine, and with hatred in his eyes Xundi complied, creating a water elemental. Xundi then noticed the Mighty Nein and announced their presence to Algar. Algar ordered Xundi to fight the Nein, and he did so. The Nein were reluctant to fight Xundi, and so focused their efforts on Algar and his bodyguards instead. At the end of the fight, they were able to remove the controlling bracelet from Algar, thus freeing Xundi.

"Dockside Diplomacy" (2x35)[]

Xundi properly introduced himself to the Mighty Nein as "Khedive Xundi".[6] He mentioned to the Mighty Nein that they could find him in his home: the "Silver Silt Palace" in the "endless oceans",[7] where he would reward them for helping him. He then departed, saying he was going to free his partner.

Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn[]

About a year after obtaining his freedom, Xundi was luring mortals into exciting adventures and maneuvering them into helping him get revenge against those who enslaved him. He did this work through mortals on the Menagerie Coast and in Stilben.[5]


Character information[]

Notable items[]

As of 836 PD, Xundi had a Mirror of Infinite Transpondence in his possession.[8]

Appearances and mentions[]


"Khedive Xundi is my title. I've been held here for too long. Should you find yourself among the endless seas of my world, come to my Silver Silt Palace." – Xundi to Fjord after the Mighty Nein released him.[9]


Khedive is an honorific title of Persian origin, meaning lord, master, or prince. It was used to refer to the sultans and grand viziers of the Ottoman Empire, but most famously to the vicars of Egypt from 1805 to 1914.



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