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Xhorhas map

Deven Rue's Map of Xhorhas

Xhorhas lies in the expansive wastes and turbulent badlands of eastern Wynandir in Wildemount. The northern lands of Xhorhas are ruled by the Kryn Dynasty, which is centered around the ruins of Ghor Dranas (now known as Rosohna), a former city of the Betrayer Gods during the Age of Arcanum.[1] The Dynasty is ruled by the Empress Leylas Kryn.[2] The southern portions of Xhorhas consist mostly of awful marshes.[3]

Xhorhas is smaller than the Dwendalian Empire and has few natural resources. It is a scarred landscape overrun with beasts and terrors left over from the Calamity.[4]

The ruins of Draconia lie in the southwest of Xhorhas.

The Xhorhasians are derogatorily referred to by the Dwendalians as "cricks" (short for "crickets"). This is due to the holes that are cut into Xhorhasian armor, causing the armor to produce as a chirping sound as the troops charge forward.

Notable Locations Edit

Racial MakeupEdit

Fauna Edit

  • Nergaliid - toad-like demons[9]
  • Horizonback Tortoises - gigantic tortoises used as war machines
  • Rocs - giant birds
  • Udaaks - large, dangerous, vaguely ape-like creatures[10]
  • Moorbounders - giant cat-like creatures bred and used as mounts in Asarius[11]
  • Gloomstalkers - inhabit the Barbed Fields
  • Sorrowsworn - inhabit the Barbed Fields
  • Giant Purple Worms - covered in hard dark scales pierced by spines, with rows of teeth.[12] Used as excavators and mounts by the Kryn.

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