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For the episode of the same name, see Xhorhas (episode).

Official map of Xhorhas, by Deven Rue.[art 1]

Xhorhas lies in the expansive wastes and turbulent badlands of eastern Wynandir in Wildemount. The northern lands of Xhorhas are ruled by the Kryn Dynasty, which is centered around the ruins of Ghor Dranas (now known as Rosohna), a former city of the Betrayer Gods during the Age of Arcanum.[1] The Dynasty is ruled by the Empress Leylas Kryn.[2] The southern portions of Xhorhas consist mostly of awful marshes.[3]

Xhorhas is smaller than the Dwendalian Empire and has few natural resources. It is a scarred landscape overrun with beasts and terrors left over from the Calamity.[4]

The Xhorhasians are derogatorily referred to by the Dwendalians as "cricks" (short for "crickets"). This is due to the holes that are cut into Xhorhasian armor, causing the armor to produce as a chirping sound as the troops charge forward.


Ashkeeper Peaks

Main article: Ashkeeper Peaks.

The Ashkeeper Peaks is the mountain chain running through the center of the continent of Wildemount.

Barbed Fields

Fan art of The Barbed Fields, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

Main article: Barbed Fields.

The Barbed Fields is a desolate wasteland past the Ghostlands, the ground zero of the Calamity and home to dangerous creatures and errant magic.[5]

  • Arbor Exemplar: a lone, giant tree that grows in the midst of the barren wasteland.
  • Rosohna Icon.png Rosohna/Ghor Dranas: the capital city of the Kryn Dynasty, built on the ruins of Ghor Dranas.
  • Bazzoxon Icon (s).pngBazzoxan: a large village at the base of the jagged mountain cliffs at the northernmost point of the Penumbra Range.

Brokenveil Marsh

Main article: Brokenveil Marsh.

The Marsh lies surrounded and encompassed in the valleys of the craggy hills of the Brokenveil Bluffs.[6]

  • Urzin: a roaming town which slowly moves through the Marsh atop the massive, mossy shells of about forty horizonback tortoises, in addition to hundreds of tents and mobile huts.

Dreemoth Ravine

Main article: Dreemoth Ravine.

The Dreemoth Ravine cuts deeply through the southern tip of the Ashkeeper Peaks for almost eighty miles, ending just north of the Whitedawn Lagoon.

  • Draconia: Draconia was once a floating archipelago of cities in the southwest of Xhorhas.[7][8] southeast of the Ashkeeper Peaks.[9] It was a dragonborn kingdom and the home of Tiberius Stormwind.
  • Xarzith Kitril: the new dragonborn city constructed by the ravenites in the southern end of the Dreemoth Ravine after the fall of Draconia.

Iothia Moorland

Main article: Iothia Moorland.

The Iothia Moorland consists out off hilly grasslands, muddy fields, swamps, and lakes in the west-central portion of Xhorhas.[10]

Lotusden Greenwood

Main article: Lotusden Greenwood.

The Lotusden Greenwood is vast, leafy forest along the southern portion of the Ashkeeper Peaks on the eastern side of the mountains, and is surrounded by somewhat swampy land.[11]

Penumbra Range

Fan art of the Penumbra Range, by Kent Davis.[art 3]

Main article: Penumbra Range.

The Penumbra Range is a mountain range bounding Xhorhas to the east and north and separating it from Blightshore.

Vermaloc Wildwood

Fan art of the Vermaloc Wildwood, by alexielapril.[art 4]

Main article: Vermaloc Wildwood.

The Vermaloc Wildwood is a sizable forest along the western portion of the Penumbra Range.

Notable Locations

Official art of Asarius, the City of Beasts, by BlackSalander.[art 5]

Racial Makeup

Northeastern Exandria; Xhorhas is to the far right.



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