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Xarzith Kitril is the new dragonborn city constructed by the ravenites in the southern end of the Dreemoth Ravine after the fall of Draconia.


Xarzith Kitril is located at the thinner, southern end of the Dreemoth Ravine. Buildings are made primarily of stone, and are built onto both walls of the ravine that surrounds the city, with many winding stairways traversing them. Cables are strung across the ravine with gondolas held aloft by brumestones recovered from Draconia, which allow people and goods to move across the city.[1]

Many ore-rich mines are peppered throughout the city, as well as forges and used to smelt them. The city's borders are constantly changing as it expands to accommodate its growing population.[1]

The Roots

The Roots is the central base of the city, built at the floor of the ravine. The Roots is where the majority of commerce and industry is conducted, as well as the political core of the city.[1]

West Wall

The West Wall is a nearly vertical neighborhood of homes built into the western cliff of the ravine above the Dreemoth Quarry.[1]

East Wall

The East Wall is similar to its counterpart, but is built at a shallower grade. Within the wall are three mine shafts that branch into residential caves and abodes.[1]



The vast majority of Xarzith Kitril's citizens are dragonborn (93%), with only a handful of other races living within it.[1]


The city is governed by a council of six called the Scars of Scale and Tooth.


At the end of 810 PD, a group of ancient dragons known as the Chroma Conclave attacked and destroyed the floating city of Draconia, as part of an event later known as the Chroma Crisis. In the wake of Draconia's fall, the enslaved ravenites revolted against their draconblood masters. However the white dragon Vorugal returned and laid claim to the city's ruins and plunged the Dreemoth Ravine into winter, causing snow to fall in the normally tropical climate. It wasn't until 5 Misuthar, 811 PD, that a group of adventurers from Tal'Dorei known as Vox Machina came and slew Vorugal that the ravenites were truly free.

In the wake of Vorugal's defeat and the melting of the ice and snow he conjured, the ravenites began to construct their new city, naming it Xarzith Kitril, or "ice born" in Draconic.[1] The city represents the hope of a new future for the dragonborn people, though its leaders, the Scars of Scale and Tooth lack unity in deciding what that future will be and and how to attain it.

By 836 PD, the Menagerie Coast is eager in welcoming the burgeoning city, particularly the city of Nicodranas, and has initiated trade through the Whitedawn Lagoon to the city's south.


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