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Xandis is the captain of the Silver Sun. As an NPC, Xandis is played by Matthew Mercer.



Fan art of Captain Xandis, by DaftHux.[art 2]

Xandis is a fairly stout tiefling with grey-blue skin and no hair. Their horns curve straight backwards with a slight upwards flick at the end and they have dark facial tattoos on each cheek that resemble daggers. When they first met Bells Hells, they were wearing red and orange clothing that greatly contrasted their skin tone.[2]


Xandis is easy-going and frequently makes jokes that are rather dark, including threatening to throw the party overboard if they disagree with them, and that they're allergic to ginger while eating gingerbread cookies.[3] They were also completely unfazed when Orym fell overboard, immediately writing him off for dead until the party convinced them to turn the ship around.[4]



Xandis has worked as a skyship captain for 15-16 years.[5] They do not typically travel directly to Bassuras, as the city lacks a skyport, instead mostly travelling to Ank'Harel, Vasselheim and most recently Whitestone.[6]

"To The Skies" (3x23)

Xandis was hired by Eshteross to fly Bells Hells to Bassuras and happily welcomed them aboard their ship, the Silver Sun. They got their first mate Khalil Benes to show the party around the ship, as they were busy eating, then set sail. Xandis frequently manned the wheel while they were aboard the ship, and took shifts with Khalil so the ship was never left adrift. A few days into their voyage, the ship was attacked by skirath hunters. Xandis tried to evade them, but they kept pace with the ship, so Xandis turned the ship sharply to slam into one of them. When Orym was knocked overboard by one of the creatures, Xandis assumed he was done for, as most of the time when people fall off the ship there's no way to get them back up, but was happy to turn the ship around to collect him when the party insisted. They were relieved when everyone was okay and impressed by the party's skill at dealing with the creatures.

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  • Orym: Do you prefer "Captain", or "Captain Xandis", or...
    Xandis: "Captain" works for me, could say "Cap", could say "Cool Person". You could call me "Leader". You can call me "Most Gorgeous Thing You Ever Seen Before". You can call me "Savior". I'll get you a list tomorrow.[8]
  • Chetney: Do you know who we're chasing?
    Xandis: I have no idea. I don't want to know, because plausible deniability is what I do.[9]


Xandis's accent and demeanor is loosely based off Tommy Wiseau.[10]



  1. Eshteross used she/her pronouns when talking about Xandis in "Promise and Potential" (3x22) and he/him in "In Too Deep" (3x14). However, they/them was used consistently throughout "To The Skies" (3x23) and Matthew corrected Laura using he/him in "The Hellcatch Valley" (3x24)


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