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Xalicas is a solar who was once the right hand of Corellon.



Xalicas was severely injured in the Calamity, and her body never recovered completely: her silver skin is covered in scars, and one of her wings is blackened and burned, preventing her from flying. She wears a clean white bandage around her eyes.[3]


Xalicas is a dedicated angel who once blamed herself for her small participation in the Calamity. She now focuses her efforts on preventing anything like it from happening again, serving as a deity or patron to peacemakers and those who oppose tyrants.[3]


Xalicas' symbol

Fan art of Xalicas's symbol, by Micaerys.[art 2]

Xalicas was once the right hand of Corellon. During the Calamity she was injured so badly she lost her ability to fly, see, or leave the Material Plane, and even the gods could not restore them to her. It took her over a hundred years to recover enough power to move again, and during that time she lay motionless in the Greying Wildlands, covered with vegetation.

Once she was able to move again, though she was still badly injured, Xalicas began wandering Wildemount, hoping to repair the damages of the Calamity and prevent future destructive conflicts. To aid in this, she gives her power to those who share these goals.[3]

Known worshipers[]



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