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The Wyvernwind family is a ruling family living on the Silken Squall, a floating city from which they lead a fractured air genasi people scattered across Exandria. They are very rich, with a fortune that has been maintained through the generations, and their people often journey to the Silken Squall to solicit advice from the heads of the family. Dorian Storm, who changed his name after leaving home, is the youngest and only living son of the current heads of the family.


Dorian and the Silken Squall - Linda Lithén

Fan art of Brontë Wyvernwind and the Silken Squall, by Linda Lithén.[art 2]

The Wyvernwind family leads the air genasi people, who are fractured and scattered across Exandria.[1][2] The married heads of the family lead as equal voices, and the family lives in the traveling,[3] floating tent city, the Silken Squall.[2][4] Members of the family do not hold formal noble nor royal titles,[5] but they have been a source of guidance and advice for generations.[1] The family holds a significant fortune maintained through the generations,[5] and among its possessions is a pair of Winged Boots passed down through the line, currently owned by Dorian.[6][7] The family apparently has strong ties to Marquet.[8][9]

Around Misuthar 842 PD,[10] the younger son of the family's two sons left home and family name behind. He became a bard under the stage name Dorian Storm, traveling through Tal'Dorei and adventuring with the Crown Keepers.

In Cuersaar 842 PD the Silken Squall was near Aeshanadoor.[11]

By 843 PD, the older Wyvernwind sibling, Cyrus, "got away" as well and found his brother in Jrusar, while he was adventuring with Bells Hells.[12] Cyrus's problems with the law eventually led both brothers to return to Tal'Dorei as fugitives, reuniting with the Crown Keepers. However, after staying in Kymal for a bit they ended up running away too, after a heist, flying with a bar filled with brumestone.[13]

After that, Cyrus and Dorian stayed with the Crown Keepers, traveling through the continent and hiding from the Nameless Ones. Eventually, after the apogee solstice, they tried to go to Zephrah, but on their way there the Spider Queen took control of her champion, Opal, and forced her to attack her friends,[14] leading to Cyrus being murdered and Dorian being magically compelled to leave. When the bard finally arrived in Zephrah, he asked the Voice of the Tempest for help retrieving his brother's corpse, which she promised to have attempted.[15] Two days later, when he updated his outfit, Dorian stopped using silver ornaments, appropriate for the second son of his family, and started using gold instead, as the new heir.[16]

Known members[]

  • Unnamed woman[12]
    • Unnamed man[12]
      • Cyrus Wyvernwind, their firstborn son and former heir,[12] left home by 843 PD and was killed by the Spider Queen's forces that same year[17]
      • Dorian Storm, born Brontë Secondsun Wyvernwind, currently adventuring abroad, was second-in-line to inherit until the death of his brother[5]


  • Their surname references both their condition as air genasi and their moving settlement, as well as the wyverns, a lesser type of dragons.
  • In the Silken Squall men and women have equal rights and voices, even within a marriage, so the Wyvernwind family, in their seat of power, have two comfortable chairs, since it is expected that the Wyvernwind leader and their consort rule together.[18]
  • Accessories are important in the Wyvernwind family: laurel circlets are worn ceremonially,[19] and gold ornaments are reserved for the heir, while the second son uses silver.[20]
  • The current heads of the family have access to very good lawyers.[21]
  • According to Dorian, when he was caught trying to lie, his family would hire someone to cast Zone of Truth on him to force a confession.[22] It is unclear, however, if this is a family tradition or a specific parenting style of his mother and father.


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