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Wynandir occupies the central region of the continent of Wildemount, comprising the areas east and north of the Cyrios Mountains and Menagerie Coast, south of the Greying Wildlands and Eiselcross, and west of Blightshore. It is divided into two distinct regions by the Ashkeeper Peaks.[1][2][3]

Western Wynandir[]

Main article: Dwendalian Empire.

Western Wynandir is ruled by the Dwendalian Empire, the strongest and the most functional empire of Wildemount. It is an absolute militaristic monarchy in which the king controls both law and religion, and demands obedience to the installed local leadership.[4][5] Its northern stretches are cold and have limited fertility, but the valleys and plains to the south provide abundant food, and the region as a whole is blessed with plentiful natural resources.[6][7]

Eastern Wynandir[]

Main article: Xhorhas.

In the expansive wastes and turbulent badlands of Eastern Wynandir lies the region of Xhorhas, ruled in the north by the Kryn Dynasty.[8] The southern portions of the region are less populated, consisting mostly of rocky grassland, dense forest, and marshy moorland.


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