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Wyatt Maranoss is a goliath pirate and the leader of The Revelry in Darktow known as the "Plank King". As an NPC, Wyatt Maranoss is played by Matthew Mercer.


Wyatt Maranoss by Nguyen Minh Hieu

Fan art of Wyatt Maranoss, by Nguyen Minh Hieu.[art 2]


As a goliath, Wyatt is a giant of a man. He has dull gray skin covered in scars and his eyes are cold even when smiling. While most goliath men do not have hair, Wyatt has long black curls that fall past the shoulders. He is later revealed to actually be wearing the scalp of the last Plank King.[2]


Wyatt's welcoming and inclusive nature hides a more brutal and distrusting personality. He can switch from making threats to joking in mere seconds. Appearing to be deeply unstable, he wishes to keep his position of power in Darktow.[3] He also has a penchant for subterfuge, willing to pay new acquaintances to spy for him.

Maranoss holds himself up as a sort of intellectual, paying people to bring him political information so that he can lord that over the riff-raff of Darktow. That established a reason for him to have a relationship with the Cobalt Soul, who he built up in his mind as "good guys".[4]



Approximately 15 years prior to the coming of the Mighty Nein to Darktow, The Revelry was governed by the original Plank King, Hunnis Breeah, who had ruled for twenty-five years. Wyatt challenged Breeah for his increasingly lackadaisical attitude and won the uprising against him.[5][1] After killing Breeah, Wyatt took up the position for himself and has ruled The Revelry ever since.

After seizing the mantle of Plank King, Wyatt quickly established his position with displays of tactical brilliance, fair judgement, and brutal retribution. He would often throw bawdy, drunken celebrations for his subordinates to offset periods of unrest or frustration.[1]


Fan art of Wyatt Maranoss on his throne, by MateuszWilma.[art 3]

"A Pirate's Life for Me" (2x41)[]

The Plank King swiftly summoned Avantika and the Mighty Nein to the Throne Roost upon their arrival at Darktow.[6] Initially welcoming them with mirth and offers of food and drink upon seating them, he quickly turned to interrogating Avantika's new crew members, asking their names and motives for turning to a life of piracy, with Linus recording their responses and making a series of sketches of the Mighty Nein.[7]

Upon accepting Avantika's tribute and explaining to the Mighty Nein the rules and laws the Revelry abides by he abruptly dismissed them, ushering them to the exit of the Throne Roost. As he escorted them out he leaned close to Beauregard's ear, and in a whisper offered a reward of coin if Beau would report to him any activities Avantika took against The Revelry's interests. Beau wished to know how much, but the Plank King simply pulled away and returned to the interior of the Throne Roost.[8]

"In Hot Water" (2x43)[]

Plank King killing Avantika by MateuszWilma

Fan art of The Plank King killing Avantika, by MateuszWilma.[art 4]

After learning of The Mighty Nein's skirmish with Avantika, Wyatt placed them all on trial, where the truth of Avantika's treachery came to light. In retribution, he took the elven captain's life with a single snap of her neck condemning her name to be besmirched for what little time it was remembered.[9] Though grateful for their actions, The Plank King was swift to pass judgment on the party as well, banishing them from Darktow Isle and threatening to sink them to the bottom of the sea should they ever return.[10]

"Lingering Wounds" (2x89)[]

Jester contacted the Plank King via Sending during their downtime in Rexxentrum. He didn't seem to remember her.[11]

"The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 2" (Sx74)[]

Jester again contacted the Plank King via Sending to tell him of Uk'otoa's release and ask for help, but he told her to stop messaging him or he'd have her killed. In Kingsley's epilogue, he stated that within a few years he had become the new Plank King, suggesting he had deposed or disposed of Wyatt.



Wyatt Maranoss in Crit Recap Animated


Wyatt was deeply distrustful of Avantika, branding her crazy, nuts and a "dreamchaser". He was wary enough of her that he offered Beauregard coin to report to him any actions Avantika might take against the Revelry's interests;[12] in addition he also had Jamedi Cosko informing him of her recent actions.[13] Upon coming to the judgement that she was plotting against him he had no reservations about killing her, and swiftly snapped her neck.[14]

The Cobalt Soul[]

The nature of Wyatt's connection to the Cobalt Soul was initially unknown. He became more inclined to trust Beau after she revealed herself to be an Expositor, as the Cobalt Soul had done good work for The Revelry's interests in the past.[15] It was later revealed in the Campaign Wrap Up that his relationship to the Cobalt Soul is closer to a parasocial relationship and that his perceived favor of the organization's goals and values are misconceived/misunderstood and don't necessarily align with the reality.[16]


Avantika accused Fjord of using the memory of Vandran against her during her trial, implying Wyatt should recognize the name.[17]

Character information[]

Goliath abilities[]

  • Natural Athlete
  • Mountain Born
  • Powerful Build
  • Stone's Endurance

Notable items[]

  • Wig of long dark locks - Made from the scalp of the previous Plank King.[18]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Wyatt Maranoss: "Now Darktow means protection, means family and family shares its good fortune."[19]
  • Wyatt Maranoss: "I have my misgivings about trusting anyone, but I'm far more likely to toss in with those I've distrusted long enough to at least know where they stand...and I know not a fucking bit about all of you!"[20]
  • Wyatt Maranoss: "I hope your sea-god or whatever it is, is very merciful on the other side."[21]
  • Wyatt Maranoss: "Tell the Archives that the Plank King sends his regards."
    Beau: "Will do, good sir."
    Wyatt Maranoss: "Now fucking go!" (Wyatt's parting words to the Mighty Nein)[22]


  • Matt gave Beau advantage on a deception check against Wyatt after she admitted her allegiance to the Cobalt Soul. Matt stated the Cobalt Soul has meaning "with the Plank King in particular."[23]
  • According to some rumors, Shirkuh Marín cheated in a game of two-cards against Wyatt, and he lived to tell the tale.[24]


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