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The Wuyun Gorge is a large ravine between the Cyrios Mountains and the Ashkeeper Peaks. The Wuyun Gates lie on the Amber Road at the northern end of the gorge and the southern tip of the Marrow Valley, marking the boundary between the Menagerie Coast and the Dwendalian Empire.[2][3]


The gorge is a dry, rocky valley[2], extremely steep in places where the mountains seem to be carved down or bisected by ancient cataclysm, either from the Calamity or some great natural disaster before that. It is a unique, singular cleft down the center of the two mountain ranges.[4] There are bits of rock formations that have been pushed through by some sort of ancient seismic activity. There are pieces of rock that are platformed over, and there are outcroppings and caverns that have naturally been pushed out of the sides of this large ravine.[5]



"Beyond the Boundaries" (2x32)[]

The Mighty Nein passed through the gorge to make their way to the Menagerie Coast. During their travel, they encountered two ettins ready to ambush them. Caduceus saw this from far away and used Calm Emotions on one of the ettins, causing it to run away. This gave the party some time to prepare; they intended to flee. Using Fear on the second ettin, Caleb prevented a boulder from crushing the cart while also giving the party a chance to flee by forcing the ettin to run away first.

By the time both ettins recovered their senses, the Nein had plenty of room to deal with the first ettin before the second could even get back in range. Before number two was close enough to be a problem, Beau stunned it and knocked it prone, making it extremely easy to clean up after the party finished the first one. Caduceus decomposed the bodies and the ground changed: the rocky terrain was replaced with bits of green, vines wrapped up over parts of the corpses, and reddish fungus began popping out of their wounds. Nott looted the ettins' bodies and found eight gold pieces, 34 silver pieces, and half of an eaten goat.[9]



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