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The Wuyun Gates[1] (or Wuyun Gate[2]) is the southern boundary of the Dwendalian Empire. It is located in the Wuyun Gorge.[3] The gate is guarded by about 50 soldiers of the Righteous Brand and a few crownsguard.[4]


The Wuyun Gates are 50-feet high with walls of ten feet to 15 feet wide at its base. The central gates are not made from stone, but they are two large, iron reinforced wooden doors that stand 20 feet tall and are opened and closed by chained-based winches that rotate and open and close from each side of the interior of the wall.[5] There is enough room for three carts to make it through the gates, but they are keeping it to a two-lane scenario to create a pincer point.[6]

On the northeastern side of the gate is an encampment with some tents that are used by the Righteous Brand.[7]


"Beyond the Boundaries" (2x32)[]

When the Mighty Nein approached the gates, they saw that the crownsguard were painstakingly inspecting every cart and travel wagon that was making its way through the gate. They were stopping one by one and going through and poking and prodding and moving things in the carts to look for any stowaways, looking for hidden materials.

When the party was guided to the side for an inspection they told the guards that they were merchants heading south, down to Nicodranas and Port Damali, in search of goods and wares. After Caduceus told them how the illusion on the cart works, the crownsguard checked it and they were let trough.

Passing through the gates, they saw six or seven carts in line. Some of the owners were very vehemently arguing with the crownsguard who were holding them to wait their turn.

"The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 1" (Sx73)[]

The Mighty Nein, with Kingsley Tealeaf rather than Caduceus, teleported from Nicodranas to the Wuyun Gates to get closer to the Cyrios End Forest so that they could fly west and search for the third temple to Uk'otoa.



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