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The Wraithroot Tree is an animated tree living in the Lotusden Greenwood. It held the heart of the Cadogeist. As an NPC, it was played by Matthew Mercer.


Fan art of the Wraithroot Tree, by Manny Padilla.[art 1]


The Wraithroot tree lives in a grove of petrified trees, known as the Mouldered Grove, of which it is the tallest.[2][3] It is thin, twisted, and covered in dead vines, with hundreds of leafless branches.[4] It is a paler color than the surrounding trees.[5] When animated, the Wraithroot tree's branches become arms and a knot in the center becomes a mouth.[6]


Character Information


  • Multiattack: The Wraithroot tree makes two attacks, which deal bludgeoning damage.[7]
  • The Wraithroot tree can become incorporeal and pass through spaces occupied by other creatures.[8]
  • In order to pull Jourrael's heart from the maw of the tree, Obann had to make a Constitution save and then succeed on a contested Strength check against the tree.[9]

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