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Worra[3] is a goliath and the wife[1] of Zanror. She was a member of the Herd of Storms, which merged with the Rivermaw Tribe in 811 PD, at which time she was pregnant. As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.



Worra is a female goliath. The sides of her head are shaved, with a single long mane of hair down the middle.[4]



In 811 PD Worra and Zanror were put in chains after he tried to start a rebellion against his father, who was loyal to Umbrasyl of the Chroma Conclave. However, the couple was freed when Vox Machina arrived to Westruun and Kevdak was defeated by his nephew, Grog Strongjaw, who named Worra's mate as the new Thunderlord.[5]

The herd allied with the adventurers to defeat the dragon, and despite being pregnant, Worra helped Zanror. However, when danger was near, she agreed to leave when it was too dangerous for her and her baby, even though she wanted to stay. After the Hope Devourer was killed, Shale gave Zanror one of the black dragon's teeth, and he, in turn, gave it to his wife.

At some point that same year Worra gave birth to her daughter, Skyhaal, who would grow to become one of the herd's leaders along with her father.[2]

"At Dawn, We Plan!" (1x53)[]

"In the Belly of the Beast" (1x54)[]


Appearances and mentions[]


  • Scanlan: (about the people that would fight Umbrasyl) Does that include your wife?
    Zanror: No, she's not–
    Worra: I will fight in this. You are not going to keep me from glory.
    Zanror: She will fight with us.[6]



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