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The Wonderworker, also known by their title as the Grand Thaumaturge, is the mysterious leader of the League of Miracles.[1]



The Wonderworker - CT Chen

Fan art of the Wonderworker, by CT Chen.[art 2]

They have been seen only three times in public, appearing as a humanoid figure draped in robes of starlight, with their face covered by a mithral mask.[4]


The Wonderworker is a reclusive individual, very focused on their objectives and extremely jealous of their secrets, behaving in a Machiavellian way to ensure the loyalty of their people and their resources.[4]



The Wonderworker became the Grand Thaumaturge of the League soon after its formation, after the Chroma Crisis.[5] Under their leadership, the League of Miracles started repairing the tremendous damage to the Republic's cities—so quickly that it left the Republic and its local governments deeply in debt to the league.[6] For this reason the Wonderworker created the first adranach and transmitted the knowledge of its creation only to their most trusted spellwrights.[7]

Between 812 and 836 PD, the Wonderworker has supposedly appeared in person only three times: once to stop the collapse of the Center Slab of Kraghammer into the Bottom Slab below during a mining disaster, once to instantly raise a castle from the ground, and once to stop the rampage of an apparently deranged silver dragon, Saldarthoryn.[4]


Notable Items[]


  • "Magic isn’t cheap, but miracles are priceless." (attributed to the Wonderworker)[8]


  • It's possible that they were originally a member of the Arcana Pansophical, since the league was formed by its former members.[5]
  • In the Palace of Wonder there’s a conference chamber with a pedestal in its center, upon which sits a humanoid mask of gleaming mithral. Whenever the Wonderworker wishes to deliver a proclamation, they do so through that mask.[3]
  • Their adranach isn't only the first of these constructs, but also the first master adranach, having additional features that differentiate it from the other adranach and master adranach.[9]



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