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Wodenna is a fey woman of terrible reputation in the Feywild.[3] As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.



Wodenna is a reasonably tall "half-corrupted, half-monstrous and half-beautiful" fey woman.[1] She wasn't fully seen on stream, Pike and Scanlan only caught a glimpse of her left hand, crooked, with very long fingers and hooked nails.[4]

Matt's notes compared her beautiful half to that of an ancient elf of pure blood, wearing turquoise robes. She had long, ankle-length hair that turned tattered the lower it went, and her left half, the corrupted one, was swollen, with black veins and sections of her flesh growing twisted and cracked, and her foot cloven and chipped.[5]


According to Artagan, she's a terrible woman, and somewhat scary, even for him.[6]



At some point in the past Wodenna used a tree trunk to make herself a home, creating a visually welcoming interior inside the rough looking structure.[7] Centuries before the Divergence, she ended her relationship with Lord Saundor, contributing to his corruption.[8] Wodenna allegedly had a relationship with another Archfey, Artagan, which also ended on bad terms.[9]

Campaign One Arc 3: The Chroma Conclave[]

When Artagan, introducing himself as a satyr named Garmelie, agreed to help Vox Machina navigate through the Feywild, he warned them about several places, including the Hut of Wodenna.[10]

However, four days later, the group unknowingly passed near the Hut of Wodenna. Curious, Scanlan and Pike decided to inspect the hut by flying on the Death from Above. Through a window they saw a nice interior, and Wodenna sitting on a big chair with a tea set in front of her. When they got a glimpse of her sinister hand and noticed a door opening, Scanlan and Pike tried to fly away, but the broom briefly lost its flying capabilities, which it recovered once they were far enough away from the hut.[11]

The next day, while being interrogated by Vox Machina, Artagan asked them if they avoided the hut of Wodenna, admitting his former relationship with her and stating that she wasn't a hag.[12]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Her name seems to come from Woden, an early form of the name of the Norse god Odin. This name seems to derive from the Proto-Germanic wōdanaz, meaning "rage" or "manic inspiration", although it can also be translated as "leader/master of the possessed".
  • Wodenna appears to have some magical influence on the terrain surrounding her hut, being able to detect the presence of spies and briefly deprive their flying broom of its abilities.
    • A possible explanation for it would be that she's some sort of Archfey, capable of manipulating her part of the Feywild; or a fey old enough to establish that control even without the Archfey status.
    • Despite her bad relationship with Saundor, Wodenna still lives within his domain, which suggests she's powerful enough to avoid his influence and/or reprisal, although it is possible that her half-corrupted appearance was caused precisely because of her former lover. Another possibility is that her home was originally outside her lover's domain, but the cancerous growth of the Shademurk Bog eventually reached Wodenna's hut.
  • While it was confirmed that she was not a hag, she presented many of the characteristics hags have in the stories, including a bad reputation, a monstrous look to her appearance and a seemingly welcoming home with enticing scents.
  • Wodenna didn't like Saundor, and she would have wanted to watch him fall. If things had gone differently, Wodenna could have prepared Vox Machina before encountering Saundor, telling them more about the history of his corruption, what his quirks were, what he was seeking, and would have given them possible knowledge that aided or prevented a battle.[1]
    • In order to give the adventurers the information they needed, Wodenna would have demanded information of her own, asking up to five questions to different members of Vox Machina. With each satisfying answer, a small, prune-like fruit would appear in her wooden platter, and she would eat it.[14]


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