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Woden is a demigod of the storm.[1] Woden is a former member of the Council of Seven Scepters, where they represented the storm giants.[1]



After the fall of the storm giant city of Tempestar, presumably at some point between 512 and 612 PD,[2] Woden abandoned the storm giants.[1] As a result, by 812 PD, Woden's throne on the council sat empty for generations, while the Scepter of Wodensdottr was stored in the vaults of Jovatthon.[3]

Although all that time the storm giants were represented on the council by Sea Dreamer Galadawna, who hadn't miss a single meeting, by 836 PD she still refused to take up Woden's throne or scepter.[1]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Woden is the Old English name for the Germanic god Odin, who is sometimes associated with storms in pop culture.[4] This name seems to derive from the Proto-Germanic wōdanaz, meaning "rage" or "manic inspiration", although it can also be translated as "leader/master of the possessed".
  • His Scepter of Wodensdottr is named after himself, but it has the suffix "-dottr", which derives from the Old Norse dóttir (daughter), and is still used nowadays for Icelandic surnames.
    • Based on the meaning alone, the scepter might have been created and/or wielded by a member of Woden's family (potentially a daughter) at some point.


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