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Fan art of Wisher pixies, by Thomas Brin.[art 1]

A Wisher pixie is a small, winged, fey creature. Vox Machina encountered Wisher pixies in the Feywild.[1]


The pixies were led by the Mystic Iotha. They had created a barrier within the Moonbrush that trapped the lycanthropic Fendir as well as themselves within a small area, which was maintained by a circle of crystals within the pixie village. This had resulted in continuing hostilities and hatred between the pixies and the lycans with the pixies using petrification spells on the Fendir to create stone statues for their "garden". When Vox Machina wandered within the barrier and were unable to escape, Lord Ukurat of the Fendir told them that the price of their escape was to enter the pixie village and desecrate the crystal circle.[2]

Although Vox Machina attempted to negotiate with the Wisher pixies to gain their escape, the pixies turned Grog to stone when his minor wound made them uneasy, and then attempted to take the statue with them to add to their garden. This resulted in a battle where the delegation of pixies was wiped out, while the lycans were similarly exterminating those in the village. Ukurat destroyed the circle and the barrier that had trapped them all within it was eliminated.[3]

The Village[]

The pixies within the Moonbrush lived in a thicket in the center of the forest. There were about twenty natural-looking homes forming a small glowing community, almost as if they were grown out of the ground of the local trees. The bark protruded from the side of one tree, creating a dome-like abode with little carved windows and a glowing interior. The homes were about the size of a basketball.[4] The village was no more than twenty-five feet across. In the center was a perfect circle of about ten slightly glowing quartz-like stones. Throughout the community, arranged like decorative statues, were three stone, human-sized wolf-men type creatures locked in place, draped with small vines and flowers.[5]


Wisher pixies are Matthew Mercer's homebrewed variant of the standard pixie.[6] It is not clear if Wisher pixies are considered a race, culture, or group, nor whether they live in other communities or Planes of Existence than the area where Vox Machina encountered them in the Feywild.


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