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A Wind Fan is a magical item that allows the user to cast Gust of Wind at a DC of 13 once per day. If it is used more than once, it has a cumulative 20 percent chance of being destroyed instead of working.[1]

The fan owned by the Mighty Nein was about a foot-and-a-half long and looked like a larger hand fan. It had a beautiful design on the front of a continuously curled series of lines like snakes or serpents winding around each other without a head, long tangling coiled gray lines that faded at the tips, weirdly beautiful and very watercolor-esque.[2]


The Mighty Nein's Wind Fan was purchased by Caduceus Clay from Sheila Bobsnopper at Seafloor's Bounty in Nicodranas.[3] He gave it to Beauregard,[4] who used it to help speed the Balleater when the party was fleeing from the dragon turtle Dieter as they sailed toward Rumblecusp.[5]

Beau gave it to Veth Brenatto, who first used it to fan the permanently sweaty Gentleman.[6] Later, she used it while sledding in Eiselcross.[7]

The fan's most important use was during the battle against Trent Ikithon, when Veth used it to propel Beau's jump toward Trent, allowing Beau to successfully reach and grapple him to place the Collar of Silence on him.[8]


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