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Wilmet Wizcrack was a famous male gnome archaeologist. He was first mentioned in Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting in the adventure "Shadows of the Past". So far, he has not appeared nor been mentioned onstream.


In 812 PD, while staying at an inn one night in the Umbra Hills in Tal'Dorei, he died in his room. His body was found with no signs of physical assault but his skin was drawn tight against his bones and his muscles were atrophied. Investigation of his room revealed no presence of an assailant, but did reveal the presence of many relics, including a +1 longsword with "Trist Drassig" inscribed on the blade.[1]

The day after his death, Wizcrack turned into a shadow.[1]

Character information[]

Shadow abilities[]

  • Speed — Wizcrack possessed a movement speed of forty feet (12.19 meters).[2]
  • Skills — Wizcrack was proficient in stealth.[2]
  • Vulnerabilities — Wizcrack was vulnerable to radiant damage.[2]
  • Resistances — Wizcrack was resistant to acid, cold, fire, lightning, and thunder damage, as well as bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks.[2]
  • Immunities — Wizcrack was immune to necrotic and poison damage and could not be exhausted, frightened, grappled, paralyzed, petrified, poisoned, knocked prone, nor restrained.[2]
  • Senses — Wizcrack possessed darkvision out to sixty feet (18.29 meters) and had a passive perception of 10.[2]
  • Amorphous — Wizcrack could move through a space as narrow as one inch wide without squeezing.[2]
  • Shadow Stealth — Wizcrack could hide as a bonus action while in dim light or darkness.[2]
  • Sunlight Weakness — While in sunlight, Wizcrack would have disadvantage on attacks, ability checks, and saving throws.[2]
  • Actions:
    • Strength Drain — A melee weapon attack that, on a hit, dealt necrotic damage and reduced the target's Strength score, killing them if their Strength was reduced to zero and, if the target was not of an evil alignment, a new shadow would rise from the corpse within a few hours. Otherwise, this reduction would last until the target finished a long rest.[2]



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