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Wilhand Trickfoot was Pike Trickfoot's great-great-grandfather and a devout worshipper of Sarenrae. He lived in Westruun, and Pike and Grog Strongjaw lived there with him before their adventuring began.[2] As an NPC, Wilhand was played by Matthew Mercer.

Fan art of Wilhand Trickfoot, by Kileigh Gallagher.[art 2]



Wilhand had long, silver hair, although he was bald on top. He wore glasses.[3]


A talented carver of wooden tools and furniture, Wilhand was a joyful (if slightly forgetful) old gnome. Sweet and welcoming in disposition, he was regarded as a treasure in the neighborhood.[1]



Wilhand chose to break away from his family's history of thievery after receiving a divine dream from Sarenrae. He taught his descendants the ways of Sarenrae and ultimately was responsible for Pike choosing the lifestyle of a cleric.

Once, Wilhand was nearly killed by a group of goliath barbarians from the Herd of Storms. One member of the herd, Grog, chose to protect the old gnome. This decision would have cost Grog his life had Wilhand not gone to Pike to ask for her help in healing the goliath. This experience resulted in Pike and Grog forming a close friendship and choosing to travel together.

When the Chroma Conclave attacked Westruun, followed swiftly by the invasion of the Herd of Storms, Wilhand hid in a secret cellar beneath his kitchen floor. During his isolation, he distilled bourbon[4] to cope with this situation.[5]

"At Dawn, We Plan!" (1x53)

Vox Machina found him safe but a little bit tipsy. As they mentioned the past dragon attack Wilhand was surprised and terrified but was relieved by Pike's dragon killing record.[6]

"Hope" (1x56)

Later, when Pike addressed the survivors of Westruun in a public square, Wilhand excitedly hopped around, beaming with pride, to see his great-great-granddaughter up on the stage as a savior of the city.[7]

"One Year Later..." (1x95)

A time of relative quiet fell across Exandria after the fall of the Chroma Conclave and Wilhand had several visitors during that year. Pike stopped by and found that since her last visit, Wilhand had been visited by Master Quall who retrieved Fassbender as well as the control circlet for the golem. Wilhand also managed to hire some local help in repairing his home after the attack from Umbrasyl. After receiving some money from Pike, the Trickfoot family members Ogden, JB, Astra, and Johann also visited Wilhand in an effort to locate her.

"Family Matters" (1x96)

“That's the way family is. Those closest to you are usually the most odd.”
Wilhand Trickrooft, referring to the Trickfoot family and indeed, many families.[8]

Keyleth brought Vex'ahlia, Pike, and Taryon to Westruun for a visit with Wilhand. As he prepared tea, they asked him about the curse that Ogden claimed to have dreamed about. Wilhand explained that he got away from the Trickfoot lifestyle when he was in his early 40s, but returned to take Pike away from them when he saw something special about her to raise her as a member of the church of Sarenrae. He mentioned he knew of Theobold Trickfoot and that his death had been under mysterious circumstances, but he chalked it up to the Trickfoots leading dangerous lives.

Wilhand also went into further detail about his visit from Master Quall (describing him as “extremely forceful”) and spoke more about the folks who helped repair his home. When he learned of Pike’s many feats across Exandria, including rebuilding a lost temple in Vasselheim to Sarenrae, he praised her for making the Lady of the Everlight proud. When offered more baked goods before departing, he mentioned he needed to cut back on account of his diabetes, which runs in the family.

"The Chapter Closes" (1x115)

Years after Vox Machina's defeat of Vecna, Wilhand died of old age and Pike inherited his home in Westruun. Since Wilhand had passed away before Pike proposed to Scanlan, Scanlan left some flowers at his grave.


After his death, his great-great-granddaughter Pike inherited his home and moved into it.[9]

Pike and Scanlan Shorthalt had two children, one of which they named Wilhand'ildan, partially after Wildhand.[10]



Wilhand took Pike away from the Trickfoot family at the age of 6 and raised her away from the mischievous gnome clan. He said he saw good in her and couldn't stand the thought of that being squashed by the family. He raised her from then on, caring for her and seeing her grow in her powers. Pike cares about her great-great-grandfather very much, expressing deep concern for his well-being when Grog mentioned that his former herd had taken over Westruun. She was greatly relieved when Wilhand was discovered to have survived the herd's occupation and visited as often as she could when not saving Exandria or working to restore the Light of the Everlight.


Grog once saved and protected Wilhand from his own tribe. This action nearly killed Grog and left him badly hurt but Pike saved him, a thank you gift for saving Wilhand. Wilhand and Pike took him in as going against his tribe got him expelled as a weakling. Wilhand cared for the "mountain man" alongside Pike and they made room for the goliath in their home and backyard, building forts and trying to keep him fed. Grog greatly appreciates the old gnome and his best buddy Pike for saving him as well.

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  • Wilhand has diabetes; it's in the Trickfoot bloodline.[13]


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