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Widogast's Vault of Amber is a 4th-level transmutation spell created by Caleb Widogast.


He puts out the five pieces of amber, but it takes a while [...] I cast some mumbo jumbo and the ascot goes (sucking sound). And it's gone.
Liam O'Brien describing the casting of Vault of Amber.[3]

Widogast's Vault of Amber requires one minute to cast, but can also be cast as a ritual, allowing it to be cast without expending a spell slot in exchange for increasing the casting time to eleven minutes. The spell has verbal, somatic, and material components of five amber gems worth at least 200 gold pieces.

The caster arranges the gems in a circle around up to five hundred pounds of non-living material, tracing transmutative sigils above each of them. The objects are then pulled into the largest gem, becoming stored in stasis. While stored, the material doesn't weather, age, or rot.[1] When Caleb placed Vess DeRogna's body within the Vault, it was described as: "You can just faintly see in the amber the barely visible shaded outline of a body, suspended and miniaturized in the middle of the amber."[4]

The caster can use an action to speak a command word, chosen while casting the spell, to release the stored contents of the gem onto the ground. The contents are also released if the spell was dispelled.[1]

The vault of amber was stored within Fjord's Bag of Holding to hide it and its contents from divination magic when the Tombtakers stole the Bag.[5]

Known uses[]

Caster Target(s) Notes
Caleb Widogast His books and harness[6]
Corrin[7] Caleb used Vault of Amber to store a petrified Corrin until she was able to be restored.[8]
The Mighty Nein's fancy outfits[9]
Fjord's Cloven Crystal[10] Caleb used the spell for safekeeping of the crystal after an attack from agents of Uk'otoa.[11]
Beau's cart-load of fireworks[12]
Threshold crest
Vess DeRogna's Body


Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[]


Caleb by Odd

Fan art of Caleb with a piece of amber, by Odd.[art 2]

  • The command word that Caleb uses to retrieve an item from the gem is his mother's name, Una.[13]
  • Caleb created the spell so that he could bring two bodies back in time to replace the bodies of his parents.[14]


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