Widogast's Transmogrification is a 6th-level Transmutation spell created by Caleb Widogast, with assistance from Essek Thelyss and Nott along with with notes taken from the Folding Halls that were written by the ancient mage Halas.


Widogast's Transmogrification requires one hour to cast, requiring verbal, somatic, and material components. The material component is crushed gem dust worth at least 150 gold pieces, as well as an amount of damp clay equal to the weight of the target, both of which are consumed by the casting of the spell.

The spell permanently alters the physical body of a humanoid creature into another type of humanoid body. After encasing the target in clay, the caster conducts a rigorous, one-hour-long ritual that manipulates the flesh and function of the target's body into that of another humanoid race. They lose their previous racial traits and instead gain the racial traits of another humanoid race of the target's choice, aside from their languages known (which remain unchanged). The age and lifespan of the previous race carries over as well, regardless of the longevity of the new race acquired.[4] Should the target wish to alter their gender along with or instead of their race, they can choose to do so as part of the spell. When the ritual is completed, both the caster and the target gain one level of exhaustion.

Once a creature's race or gender has been changed via this spell, they cannot be affected by this spell again for 1 year.[1]



Matthew Mercer clarified that since Veth's original body was a halfling, she would retain a halfling lifespan after Transmogrification was utilized to restore her from her goblin body.[8]


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