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Wick is a goliath man from Jorenn Village.



Wick is a tall, broad-shouldered and broad-armed goliath man, with dark eyes, short-cropped black hair, and light silver-gray skin with tattoos along his arms and neck.[1][7][8] He wears a silver pendant featuring a dragon's profile on a leather band around his neck, likely a holy symbol of Bahamut.[1] When Vex'ahlia first met him, he wore a mail shirt and wielded a warhammer.[1] He later wore a simple tunic and breeches.[9]




Wick and Derowen traveled and worked together for several years.[6] During that time, Wick lost a partner, and Derowen lost a home in Kymal.[6] They eventually settled in Jorenn Village, with Derowen's daughter Aswin.[6] Derowen formed the Shadewatch and became its leader, and Wick stayed with her, though he was not a member of the organization.[6][10] Among other things, his duties included being Aswin's tutor and protecting Derowen and Aswin during the ash walker attacks.[6]

Kith & Kin[]

Wick met Vex'ahlia and Trinket during an ash walker attack, while he was protecting Aswin.[11] He got to know them during the time they spent at the Shade Hall, and fought alongside them against the ash walkers once more.[12] He also briefly met Vax'ildan.[13]

After Derowen died and Vex'ahlia stopped the ash walker attack, she gave the magical ring Fracture to Wick.[14] Wick was hesitant about taking a position of leadership in the town, but remained as Aswin's guardian,[5] and after a few days appeared to have come around to being a leader.[15] He released the captive miners and allowed Thorn to recover from his injuries at the Shade Hall.[15] When they later met near the mines, Wick told Thorn that the miners were welcome to return to Jorenn Village, and Thorn said he would discuss it with them.[16]


Character information[]


Wick had some healing abilities, likely from a divine source. He healed Vex'ahlia's injuries by touching her arm with a warm glow,[17] and later attempted to heal Derowen, while holding his pendant and muttering something.[18]

Notable items[]

  • Fracture (given by Vex'ahlia)[14]
  • Silver pendant[1]
  • Warhammer[1]

Appearances and mentions[]