Fan art of a Whitestone Rifleman, by Joma Cueto.[art 1]

The Whitestone Riflemen are an elite Whitestone military unit founded by Lord Percival de Rolo. Unlike the Pale Guard, the guardsmen of Whitestone who answer to the city's council, the Whitestone Riflemen are royal guardsmen that are assigned specifically to protect Whitestone Castle and the de Rolo family. The Whitestone Riflemen are trained in the use of firearms as their primary weapons.

Though Percy was initially opposed to the notion of mass producing his firearms inventions, after his battle with (and death by) Dr. Anna Ripley, he realized that it was inevitable that others would develop his guns and use them to their advantage. Realizing Whitestone needed to take advantage of such technology before it becomes widespread, Percy distributed Ripley's rifles to (as well as constructing new firearms for) these new Riflemen.

The Whitestone Riflemen is a company of roughly 150 musketeers, and consist of both men and women.

Fanart Concept for a Cap Badge/ Shoulder Patch for the Whitestone Riflemen (w/ 6th Star)

Known Members


  • The Whitestone Riflemen were originally going to be called the "Whitestone Musketeers" by Percy, until Cass said that was a "silly" name.
  • This is deeply ironic, because to those familiar with military history, while "Musketeers" is a perfectly normal name for a regiment, "Riflemen" is actually the unit title that is odd-sounding (a bit like calling a unit "The Whitestone Musketmen"; the correct phrasing would be simply "The Whitestone Rifles"... or even better, "The Whitestone Fusiliers.")
  • The fact that gunpowder-based small arms in Exandria seem to use iron as their main projectile type would make these projectiles too hard to benefit from "rifling" (spiral grooves in an iron barrel that force a softer projectile to spin), making their name even more of a misnomer.



  1. Fan art of a Whitestone Rifleman, by Joma Cueto (source).  Used with permission.
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