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The Whitestone Rebellion[1] was an uprising started by Percival de Rolo and the rest of Vox Machina in Whitestone in an attempt to overthrow the Briarwoods.

Gathering intelligence[]

2 Duscar 810 PD[]

"The Sun Tree" (1x28)

Vox Machina, camped in the Parchwood Timberlands, scoped out the town before arriving the next day. Keyleth, in the form of a giant eagle, and Scanlan flew over the city while invisible. They saw the people in town were destitute, with many abandoned buildings, and six undead stone giants patrolling through the city. In the center of the town, they saw the Sun Tree, bare of leaves with twisted and gnarled branches, and eight humanoid bodies of varying ages swinging from the branches. They made a plan to sneak in to the town, revive the tree, and form a rebellion.

3 Duscar 810 PD[]

Vox Machina and the Sun Tree Limbo tumblr nxcp9ubsAs1r84znso1 1280

Fan art of Vox Machina encountering the Sun Tree in Whitestone, by Alika Gupta.[art 2]

On this day, Vox Machina entered the city magically disguised as a group of peasants, with Trinket as a donkey. They approached the Sun Tree with eight effigies of Vox Machina swinging from the branches. They found an abandoned tavern to stay in and fortified the windows, dug a tunnel towards the Sun Tree and attempted to revive the tree.

"Whispers" (1x29)

Percy, Vax and Scanlan explored The Zenith in search of Father Reynal, but found him long dead, and were briefly waylaid by a banshee. Percy dragged Father Reynal's body out in front of the altar while Vax carved the de Rolo family crest into the stone of the altar. and the words "Pelor lives in Whitestone" the door of the temple. Returning to the tavern, Keyleth’s rituals on the Sun Tree were completed and she determined that something beneath the tree was sucking the life out of the land. Percy decided that they should kill Kerrion Stonefell, one of the New Nobles, first.

Inciting rebellion[]

4 Duscar 810 PD[]

Disguised as peasants, Percy led Vox Machina to The Lady's Chamber, the temple of Erathis, meeting Keeper Yennen there. Percy told him to look for signs of salvation and handed him a piece of parchment which had a portion of the de Rolo family crest drawn on it. Percy told him, "What appears dead may not necessarily be death. And that with the shadow of death over the city, perhaps there is life deep underground. Perhaps things that appeared ended and gone are perhaps continuing to this day. And may rise again."[2]

Vox Machina infiltrated Kerrion's mansion, killing Stonefell and two guards, and incapacitated Master Vouk. During the fight, smoke began billowing from Percy's body, and as Stonefell died, his name disappeared from The List.

This is for the de Rolos. And let me say, you are the one I was least looking forward to.
Percy to Stonefell, before killing him.[3]

They interrogated Vouk, learning that the Briarwoods knew that Vox Machina was in Whitestone. He confirmed that Lord Briarwood was a vampire, and revealed that the Briarwoods had a secret project room under the castle. Vouk was ordered to mark the secret entrance on the map of Whitestone. Vouk also revealed that Lady Briarwood raised and was controlling the zombie giants. His tongue was cut out, the de Rolo crest was burned into his forehead, and he was turned loose, on Percy's orders. The mansion was set on fire by burning the de Rolo family crest onto its roof. Vox Machina ran back to the tavern, disappearing into the rain as guards searched for them. Citizens began to emerge from buildings as a warning bell rang out. The first steps of the rebellion had been put into motion.

"Stoke the Flames" (1x30)

Vox Machina went to the tavern's cellar and began discussing plans for their rebellion. They decided to rest for the night in the root cave dug beneath the Sun Tree and planned to visit a magic shop known as The Alcove in the morning. The party was ambushed in their sleep by three vampire spawn. After slaying the vampires, they continued their rest in the cellar.

5 Duscar 810 PD[]

In the morning, Vox Machina disguised themselves as peasants and split up: two going to the townsfolk while the rest searched for a new hideout.

Percy, Vex, Grog, Keyleth, and Trinket (disguised as a donkey) went to The Alcove and talked to the current shopkeeper, Jordana Whisk, drawing the de Rolo family crest into the dust. Jordana allowed them to stay in her shop, but was cautious of raising suspicions.

Simon Whisk was a good Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III. Percival lives. And he is coming.[4]

Jordana recommended that they talk to Keeper Yennen, as he could help spread information. Percy told everyone to meet at The Lady's Chamber when they'd finished their business.

Meanwhile, Vax and Scanlan went to The Journey's End tavern, where they gathered information of what had happened in Whitestone. They found that the barkeep and the bar patrons present supported an uprising. When they left, they the patrons, "Pelor has returned."

When Vox Machina gathered at The Lady's Chamber, there was a larger group gathered for Keeper Yennen's sermon, where he informed the congregation that the time for mounting a rebellion was soon, finishing with a prayer. The people began to scatter and walk away in silence, looking around warily and being careful not to exit in a large group.

By the guidance of the Lady, may civilization flourish and those that keep progression at bay be squashed beneath our feet.[5]

Keeper Yennen spoke with Vox Machina privately to inform them he had spoken with community leaders, but they hadn't yet been convinced to help. Archibald Desnay, the former chancellor of Whitestone, joined them mid conversation and Vox Machina dropped their disguises. Recognizing Percy, Archibald revealed that Cassandra de Rolo was still alive and captive in Whitestone Castle,[6] and had been feeding information to Archibald and others. She helped guide the last two rebellions that were attempted, and according to her the Briarwoods were nearing their goal. He also told the party that Professor Anders was working for the Briarwoods and living in the castle, and that Lady Ripley had packed her stuff and moved out of her mansion. Vox Machina decided to split up, Scanlan creating a distraction at the Vedmire estate, while the rest attacked Count Tylieri's mansion.

"Gunpowder Plot" (1x31)

Fire-Breathing Scanlan - Lap Pun Cheung

Fan art of Fire-Breathing Scanlan, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 3]

Scanlan, polymorphed as a triceratops, rampaged through the Vedmire mansion and stumbled on an ambush of eight guards and Duke Goran Vedmire. Dropping the dinosaur form, he Dimension Doored onto the roof, setting the mansion ablaze with a Potion of Fire Breathing. Duke Goran Vedmire joined him there, but was quickly shoved of the roof with Bigby's Hand. Absconding form the mansion, a zombie giant stomped towards Scanlan but was swarmed by a number of Whitestone residents that had armed themselves with makeshift weapons and armor. As Scanlan watched the undead giant, he decided to wait and watch the citizens' fight rather than rejoining his comrades.

The rest of Vox Machina began their assault on Count Tylieri's mansion, discovering that Tylieri was a vampire, and had also planned an ambush backed by ten guards. After a long battle, Tylieri was slain by Trinket, biting his head off, his mist form destroyed by Keyleth's Sunbeam.

Following the battle, the group saw a dark plume of smoke in the distance, and people stepping out of their homes to form bands and gather weapons. Keyleth used Skywrite to draw the de Rolo family crest in the smoke. The party ignited the mansion and snuck off towards The Alcove, meeting back up with Scanlan.

The rebellion was in full force. taking a short rest to tend to their wounds at The Alcove, Vox Machina joined the rebels in taking out the zombie giants, finding that two had already been slain. The group headed for the Sun Tree, searching for giants on their way there. They made their way to the town square where the Sun Tree, finding that the corpses had been removed. Across the square, a zombie giant riddled with spears and struggling with a group of civilians. An army of around hundred armored skeletons, exhumed from the graveyard, marched in from the north of town.

"Against the Tide of Bone" (1x32) Meeting with a group of rebels led by Keeper Yennen, Vox Machina faced the skeleton horde, raising a Wall of Stone across the street to hold the line. At that moment, Pike appeared, her radiant form projected to Whitestone, leaping from the top of the wall and landed deep into the horde. She channeled Sarenrae's power to use Destroy Undead, obliterating a third of the of the skeletons, leaving only about twenty remaining which were picked off by the rest of Vox Machina. The party then split up to continue the fight against the remaining zombie giants.

Grog and the gnomes engaged a giant, joined by three member of the resistance. After a battle, Pike destroyed the undead with her Mace of Disruption. The group told the rebels that they are with de Rolos, to prepare, wait for their signal, and spread the word.

Meanwhile Percy, Keyleth, and the twins encountered the other giant at the graveyard. They did battle with the giant, felling it with the aid of a number of rebels. They discussed and decided to take the castle the next day. As the group of citizens left, Keyleth told them to keep watch for the sign of Pelor in the sky. The party headed west to meet up with their companions.

Vox Machina reunited at the west wall, confirming the giants were slain. Percy led the party to the secret entrance near the west side of the castle. The party entered the tunnel before Grog closed it again. Once in the tunnel, Grog closed the entrance and Pike cast Greater Restoration on Percy, having sensed a seed of darkness within him. While the rest of Vox Machina was distracted by this, Vax slipped away and began scouting ahead down the tunnel. When he returned they went to sleep, with Vax keeping watch.

Storming the castle[]

6 Duscar 810 PD[]

Keyleth:  To the de Rolos!
Scanlan:  To the de Rolos!
Keyleth:  To Whitestone!
Percy:  To Whitestone!
Vex'ahlia:  To Vox Machina.
Keyleth:  To Vox Machina.
Vox Machina's pre-battle toast[7]

Waking at dawn, Keyleth used Skywrite to form the de Rolo crest in the clouds. In response, members of the rebellion lit beacons with lanterns and torches, signaling they were preparing to attack. After eating a Heroes' Feast prepared by Pike, Vox Machina went further down the tunnel, entering in the dungeon of Whitestone Castle. There they found a prisoner, who was revealed to be a magically disguised Anna Ripley.

"Reunions" (1x33)

Jenga by HollyOakhil

Fan art of Vox Machina fighting Anders, by HollyOakhill.[art 4]

Ripley revealed that she was imprisoned by the Briarwoods for attempting to flee Whitestone before Vox Machina's arrival. Percy revealed himself to her, and agreed to release her on the grounds that she helps them find Cassandra. Vox Machina, lead by Ripley, entered the central hall of Whitestone Castle. Outside, the sounds of combat could be heard as the rebellion had resumed. Pike's projected form then vanished, for the time overwhelmed by the evil that permeates the castle.

Ripley lead them upstairs to her room, where Vox Machina confiscated her belongings, including a revolver that Ripley built, and a Potion of Flying. She then took them to Cassandra's room, but she wasn't inside. When pressed, Ripley explained that she was hired by the Briarwoods to create an acid to distil residuum from the whitestone mined from the nearby mountains, and that this residuum is being used to reconstruct a ziggurat underneath the city, directly beneath the Sun Tree. Ripley then goaded Percy into pursuing Professor Anders, noting that Cassandra is probably with him.

Vax scouted ahead to Anders' study, where he found Anders holding Cassandra hostage. Vax engaged a fight, whereupon Anders appeared to slit Cassandra's throat and activated a pair of helmed horrors. Vox Machina arrived and joined the battle. During the fight, Ripley slipped away and escaped the castle. Percy, smoke billowing from his body, killed Anders.

You're the face I saw when murder entered my heart. This is your doing.

After reuniting with Cassandra, Percy explained that they're going to face the Briarwoods that day. Cassandra went back to her room to don her mother's armor. While tending to their wounds, Vox Machina found notes and letters in Anders' office concerning the Briarwood's plans written by Riskel Daxio of the Tal'Dorei Council. Cassandra then led Vox Machina down to the de Rolo family crypt, explaining to them her experience as the Briarwoods' prisoner as they went. The group was waylaid by ghosts of previous de Rolos, as their having been disturbed by the Briarwoods. The ghosts possessed a number of them, before they were eventually banished.

"Race to the Ziggurat" (1x34) As the party travelled down the tunnel, Pike's projected form reappeared. They passed by a fork in the tunnel that lead to the acid distillery, and stepped around a number of magical traps. They entered to a room walled with bronze sheets and a number of opal buttons. The room was revealed to be a trap set by the Briarwoods, who arrived as two residuum glass walls sealed them in, with Cassandra on the outside. Vax used his Cape of the Mountebank to teleport outside the room, inadvertently activating a pump that poured acid into the brass room. Sylas Briarwood charmed Vax, and Cassandra proclaimed that she was with the Briarwoods, though she seemed conflicted.

As the Briarwoods, Cassandra, and Vax continued along the hall, Vox Machina were left to contend with the acid. They soon realized that they could redirect the acid to melt the whitestone ceiling of the room. This allowed them to make a space above the residuum wall that they could climb over and escape the room. As they walked down the tunnel, Cassandra's name appeared on one of blank barrels of The List.


Fan art of Keyleth and Pike taking out Sylas Briarwood with a Sunbeam, by Ari.[art 5]

They entered a massive cavern, containing a large ziggurat made of whitestone, transitioning to residuum at the top. Vox Machina climbed to the top and did battle with the Briarwoods. Pike broke Vax's charm, but he was then struck by Power Word Stun by Delilah Briarwood, and remained that way throughout the fight. Eventually, Sylass form was reduced to mist by Percy, and he was destroyed by a Sunbeam from Keyleth, reflected off of Pike's shield.

No! Sylas! You can't! I broke the world for us! No..!

Delilah retreated to the sanctum of the ziggurat, sealing the door behind her, and prematurely performed the ritual the Briarwoods were attempting, reading a scroll and smearing her blood on a black orb. Cassandra, now without allies, was knocked unconscious by Grog. Vex, having flown over the wall with a Potion of Flying, shot at her with her bow, and was struck by Delilah's Finger of Death in turn, nearly killing her. The orb shrank and began to spin, creating an Antimagic Field throughout the chamber, causing Vex to fall and be knocked unconscious. Percy shot off Delilah's arm using Bad News in retribution, knocking her unconscious from the shock.

Unable to magically heal Vex in the ziggurat chamber, Vox Machina retreated back to the tunnel, carrying the unconscious Vex, Cassandra, and Delilah with them. Keyleth briefly investigated the orb, and was nearly ripped apart from touching it. She then followed the rest of her party out of the chamber.

"Denouement" (1x35)

Vox Machina retreated into the tunnel, stopping past the acid trap to heal. They discovered that the Antimagic didn't extend into the tunnel. Cassandra, full of regret, informed them that she had informed the Briarwoods of past rebellions in the city. Percy begins arguing with the entity that appeared in his dreams as smoke billows from his body, though the others can only hear Percy. Percy then interrogates Delilah, who explains that the ritual was performed prematurely, and that it was performed to repay the Whispered One for resurrecting Sylas as a vampire.

Viktor Engholm - Orthax - Pike

Fan art of Pike battling Orthax, by Viktor Engholm.[art 6]

The entity attempts to control Percy, but he resists, forcing the smoke out of his body. The smoke coalesces, taking the form of a large shadowy demon identifying itself as Orthax. At that point a battle broke out, during which Delilah attempted to escape invisibly, but was caught by Vax. Orthax was defeated by a combo attack from Grog and Trinket, his form returning to Percy's body. Vax pressed Delilah to the wall, allowing Cassandra to denounce the Briarwoods and stab her through the chest, killing her.

They drag Delilah's body to the acid distillery, throwing it in to be dissolved. While initially desiring to keep The List, Percy was magically convinced to give the gun to Scanlan, who threw it into the acid. When the gun was destroyed, Orthax's connection to Percy was broken.


Vox Machina ascended the tunnel and exited Whitestone Castle, where they met an army of the rebellion led by Keeper Yennen about to storm the castle. They announced to the rebels that the Briarwoods were dead. Keyleth cast Skywrite once more to draw the de Rolo crest, signaling that the rebellion was won. She then Wild Shaped into an air elemental and began to clear the clouds from the city.

Yennen brought Vox Machina to the Sun Tree, where he gave a speech, pledging to care for the tree until an new priest of the Zenith is chosen. He went on to praise the members of Vox Machina individually for their part in the rebellion. The two final members of the New Nobles were brought forward, Goran Vedmire and Jazna Graben. Scanlan proposed that they be made work to rebuild the city. Vedmire accepted, while the defiant Graben was executed.

The citizens began an impromptu celebration, setting a table beneath the Sun Tree for Vox Machina. Percy informed Yennen of the ziggurat beneath the city, who suggested they reach out to any scholars they know to research the black sphere. Keyleth cast Commune with Nature, learning that the Sun Tree had returned to life, and that there was a nearby influence from a realm of shadow.


7-20 Duscar 810 PD[]

"Winter's Crest in Whitestone" (1x36)

Vox Machina stayed in Whitestone, helping to reconstruct the city over over the course of around two weeks. Grog in particular helped to lift heavy things, and Keyleth set about revitalizing the farms to produce more crops. They also helped to set up a festival for Winter's Crest, celebrated for the first time in the city in over five years.

During the Winter's Crest festival, Keeper Yennen approached Vox Machina and Cassandra to discuss the governing of Whitestone going forward, as the Briarwoods had killed any previous establishment. Percy proposed the creation of a council to rule, consisting of Cassandra to act as an arbiter, Keeper Yennen, a leader of the farming community, a leader of the citizens and an economic leader. He explained that he cannot join as he has too much to do and does not consider himself fit to rule.

Following Winter's Crest, Vox Machina returned to Emon.


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