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Whitestone is a unique type of white rock found only in the Alabaster Sierras.


Although not inherently magical, this substance is particularly receptive to arcane energies and therefore may be used to create objects that retain more powerful enchantments.[1] Magical items created from whitestone or infused with whitestone dust are created seventy-five percent faster due to its receptiveness to magic.[2]

When melted by a specific acidic compound, whitestone can be refined to a green, glass-like substance called residuum.[3]


Whitestone was created when the forces unleashed in a cataclysmic battle between Pelor and Tharizdun during the Calamity thrust the mountains of the Alabaster Sierras upward. This suffused the stone of the mountains with latent magical energy.[2]

The city of Whitestone got its name from this rock, which they quarried from the nearby Alabaster Sierras. The people of the city of Whitestone discovered the latent magical properties of whitestone, and began to export it to the Kingdom of Tal'Dorei, particularly its capital Emon. The rulers of Whitestone, the de Rolo family, would later construct a castle out of the stone.[2]

During the Chroma Crisis, the city of Whitestone created an illusory barrier around the city in order to hide it from spies and scouts of the Chroma Conclave. The barrier is projected from five obelisks carved from whitestone.[4]

Between 812 and 836 PD Keyleth and Percival de Rolo used two of the new windmills of Zephrah to refine whitestone into residuum to construct magic items and arm the skydancers.[5] This arrangement continued into late 842 PD, and it remained largely kept from most in Zephrah.[6]


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