"Whispers of War" (2x18) is the eighteenth episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. The end of the Harvest Close Festival brings a victory overshadowed by the bigger problems of the Empire...

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The Mighty Nein, upon clearing their names, making some new friendships in the city [of Zadash] and taking some time for themselves in preparation for the coming Harvest Close Festival, found themselves wandering through the streets of celebration. They partook in a number of various games of chance and skill, got some fine snacks and food, challenged themselves, got thrown by their other party members, won some trinkets and toys, and then ended up signing up to the Victory Pit, the grand tournament that ends the Harvest Close festival. [Nott] managed to catch a few phrases off to the side of the initial lounge [they] were signing up in, where [she] discovered that war had been declared by the king on the eastern region of Xhorhas, that information was to be held back until the festival was over.

[They] were held below with the other competing teams, and then one by one [the teams] were each presented into the center of the Victory Pit tournament where each [team] has to battle a challenge of a creature or creatures in a three tier structure. Whoever survives all three bouts gets to share in the final pot prize.

Currently two of the other teams have been knocked out, and it only remains to be [the Mighty Nein] and one other. [The Mighty Nein is] up first. [They are] pulled into the center and announced as The Mighty Nein's final round. Knowing the Stubborn Stock is watching from behind the distant doorways that lead into the central arena, [the members of the Mighty Nein] all scattered about the sands as the sun begins to get close to dusk, shouting out [their] various plans and then abandoning them last minute. [They] found places as these heaping, heavy thuds start quaking the ground in arrival before the door swings open. Out from behind it, roaring, a frenzied, angry hill giant, complete with pierced thorns jammed into each side of the body to drive it to a point of absolute anger and fury, comes bashing into the center of the arena, knocks over one of the large pillars, and this is where we begin.
Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 18

Campaign Tracker Map, Episode 18

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  • "Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire -- You Control Critical Role!"
  • How to Play Sparkle*Kitty
  • Starter Kit: Numanera
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Late in the evening, the Mighty Nein head out for the Tri-Spire they get in with the badges they earned. Caleb asks Beau to get into the library tomorrow. Beau wants to trade access for information about Caleb’s fear of fire. The group arrives at the Pillow Trove and head inside to get rooms. Jester asks after and picks up a package her mother sent her. The Package contains a sweet letter, a vial of her mothers lavender perfume, five small ink vials -one red, one blue, one green and two black vials- and a bag of two-hundred gold. Jester tells the group she was hoping for more but still really appreciates it. She offers to split the money, which the group refuses, then offers up the gold to become the party’s emergency funds. Molly then has some ‘Friendly company’ come over. Conversations about eating rats were had. Beau and Nott order food and go over to Caleb on his request. Liam asks all the other players except Sam and Marisha to leave the table.

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Caleb proceeds to tell the story of how he murdered his mother and father. He tells of when he was a young boy and was accepted into the Solstress academy. He was picked out -together with two other kids- and trained by Trent Ikithon. After being trained Trent tested his students. Caleb was told to torture and kill “Traitors to the Empire”. After being trained more and more he went home and found out his parents had become traitors to the empire. He knew what was expected of him and together with two of his peers he murdered their parents and lastly he murdered his parents by blocking the doors and setting the house on fire. When he heard their screams he broke. He spent some years in an asylum until a women cured him of his madness. Caleb was also freed of the fake memories of his parents being traitors, memories that Trent put there. Caleb wants access to the library to take down Trent and also to gain great power through knowledge. Beauregard doesn’t want Caleb and Nott to go at it alone. She then leaves. Nott stays to comfort him. Nott tells him it’s not his fault and that she will stay with him until he can start to forgive. Caleb tells her he has an idea. The other players return to the table. Everybody goes to sleep.

Over breakfast the next morning the group decides on where to go. The group plans to go to  Habarduk and Nog-Vurott. The latter of these to see the mercenaries they met at the fair and possibly go investigate the disappearance of children. Jester sends a picture via post to her mom. Jester, Fjord, Molly and Yasha go to Dolan to get information. Caleb, Nott and Beau go to the library. When they get outside it appears the town has heard the news of the declaration of war. The city begins to prepare for the war to the east.

The group that was headed to Dolan now instead decides to look for jobs as private escorts south. They see the Hall-Keeper who informs them that the Law Master wants to speak to them. She offers them fifteen gold a week plus access to supplies et cetera in exchange for becoming mercenaries to  protect the people of the city. They might get assignments in exchange for bounty the first one of those would amount to ten-thousand gold. The group decides to think about it and returns to the Leaky Tap.

Caleb, Nott and Beauregard get to the library. They see Nadir, he lets them in. Caleb asks for books about the theories surrounding the Arcane. Nadir explains that this kind of information is kept by the Cerberus Assembly. But there are a few books about them. Caleb learns a bit about transmutation and time travel. He learns about the eight members of the Cerberus Assembly. -Master Trent Ikithon being the Archmage of Civil Influence is the propagandist.- Beauregard gets extremely bored. So after four hours of reading they leave.

In the meantime Fjord focuses on the magic stone and gains a fate-point. The whole group meets up at the Penta market to see Pumat Sol. He is out of healing potions. Caleb buys a lot of paper, Jester buys a pearl of power, Nott buys two incendiary crossbow bolts and Fjord buys a shield. The party discusses the Law Master’s offer and other options and decide to make that decision later. They get approached by Kara with an offer of the Gentleman.

At the end of the episode, characters all level up to level five.    

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Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Relinquished 1 throwing star Beau Hill Giant
Relinquished 1 healing potion Nott Nott
Relinquished 1 healing potion Jester Molly
Acquired 228 gold Victory Pit Fjord
Acquired 228 gold Beau
Acquired 228 gold Jester
Acquired 228 gold Nott
Acquired 228 gold Caleb
Acquired 228 gold Yasha
Acquired 228 gold Molly
Relinquished 4 gold Fjord Pillow Trove
Relinquished 4 gold Beau
Acquired 1 box for Jester Pillow Trove Jester
Relinquished 2 gold Fjord Pillow Trove
Acquired 1 bottle of perfume box for Jester Jester
Acquired 5 ink vial red, blue, green and 2 black
Acquired 200 gold called: "Mom's Emergency Fund"
Relinquished 20 gold Molly Pillow Trove
Relinquished 4 gold Caleb
Transferred 1 rat Yasha Nott
Relinquished 1 gold Beau Pillow Trove for food
Relinquished 5 silver
Relinquished 5 silver Jester post office
Relinquished 200 gold Caleb The Invulnerable Vagrant
Relinquished 350 gold Jester
Relinquished 100 gold Nott
Relinquished 550 gold Fjord
Acquired 1 parchement The Invulnerable Vagrant Caleb
Acquired 1 pearl of power Jester
Acquired 2 enchanted bolt Nott
Acquired 1 shield Fjord

Grace of the Wilds

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  • Sam's giant flask bears an Austin Powers meme in this episode that reads "WHO TAUNTS A GIANT? HONESTLY."
  • At the end of this episode, the party reached level 5.

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