"Where The River Goes" (2x15) is the fifteenth episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. Heading down an underground river, the Mighty Nein explore a long abandoned research facility, uncovering dangerous foes and even more dangerous secrets...

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  • Laura is back, which means the whole table is present!
  • The episode has two sponsors: Archer Danger Island and D&D Beyond. Sam wrote a folk song in honor of D&D Beyond donating $100 to 826 LA for every natural one rolled in the campaign.
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  • Laura apologizes in advance for still being sick.

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Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 15

Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 15

Last time we left off, the mighty Nein had gone towards the Evening Nip where they had finally crawled into the subterranean hidden basement/tavern where the Gentleman seems to do his business. You had encountered Yasha who had joined back up with the party, you had a brief discussion with this Gentleman which led to a bit of card-sharkery from Fjord's end, a fair played game, made quite a bit of money and earned his favour. There you discussed what was to be done with this new arrangement. He took some blood as it was required of him to make sure that he could ensure {inaudible}. But you guys said that you were possibly looking for furthering some sort of relationship for business purposes, but for now you had an individual that needed to be smuggled out. He said it'd be fine but one favour requires one in turn and to prove yourself both capable (and he had heard some tales of what you had done within Zadash) he requested that you go and inspect this newly discovered buried ruin, this series of chambers that exists on the outskirts of their underground river escape towards Berelben and the Ounterloch. You went and retrieved Horris, brought him back. He was then (supposedly, it seems to be so) sent off and escorted out of the city safely (they totally killed him). You found yourself down towards the subterranean docks to this river. By the way through all of this Molly was having a mild panic attack about his story, encountering Cree and a apparently being called the name Lucien and Nonagon. Upon making your way to the docks you were given two boats and utilising them to travel further down stream towards where the exterior of this ruin was discovered, you all gather your supplies and by the glowing orbs of Caleb's Dancing Lights ahead of you we left off with you traversing deeper and deeper down the dark tunnel and river.

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C2E15 Rock Face

Fan art of Jester's rowing, by Elaine Tipping.[art 1]

The Mighty Nein are rowing down the stream, coming to smaller gaps every few miles in which the boat containing Yasha, Nott & Caleb pulls ahead in a friendly race. Througout the journey Jester fantizises about Tusk Love.

After Nott's attempt at using the Ring of Water Walking doesn't go well and she gets helped back into the boat by Caleb but is then attacked by several Darkmantle's which are dispatched quickly. Some of the party then notice two Rock Monsters from opposite sides of the river they are rowing down. After much consideration the party decides to leave the Rock Monsters (most likely Ropers) and row on ahead of them.

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Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Transferred 1 vial of holy water Molly Nott
Relinquished 4 gold Fjord faces trap
Acquired  ? jewelry faces trap Fjord is worth unkown amount of money
Acquired 1 full diamand shaped vial Fjord it is filled with necrotic damage resistance for an hour
Relinquished 1 potion of healing Fjord Jester
Relinquished 1 potion of healing Fjord Jester
Acquired 1 great sword Siff's room Jester it is called The Magician's Judge
Acquired 1 Siff's journal Siff's room Caleb

Quotations Edit

  • Jester: "Eat shit rock face"
  • Beau: "I'm always a fan of going down" (Spoken while discussing which way to go in the research facility)
  • Nott: (Bleeding Heavily) "I found a trap..."
  • Nott: "I don't want to impose... But I'm bleeding profusely"

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  • Sam's giant flask bears a message with colored letters spelling "FART" stuck on top in this episode.

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  1. Fan art of Jester's rowing, by Elaine Tipping (source).  Used with permission.