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Westruun is located center-east of Tal'Dorei.

Westruun is a central city in the kingdom of Tal'Dorei, approximately midway between Emon and Whitestone. With a population of around 26,205 people[1] and a location pivotal for the movement of goods across Tal'Dorei, Westruun is a bustling city of most trades and intellectual pursuits.  Built against the perimeter of the Bramblewood Forest near the base of the great Gatshadow Mountain, the city is easy to spot from quite a distance.  Among the aged cobblestones and very busy roadways, the sounds of music from vagrant bards and nearby taverns mingles with the nearly ever-present winds.  A city/ regional guard called the Shields of the Plains (or just "Shields" for short) keeps the peace in the city and its environs, and all arrests and social unrest are immediately brought before the Hall of Reason, a "beautiful courthouse in the High Elven Style".[2] Westruun is divided into six wards:  Opal Ward, Residential Ward, Scholar Ward, Temple Ward, Market Ward, and Underwalk Ward.[3] [1]

Westruun was named after a person, Palest Westruun, not a direction.[4]  The town's iconic flower is the white iris, which grows around the western side of town.[5]

Destruction and Rebuilding Edit

In Chapter 4, Westruun was attacked by the Chroma Conclave, and although there was significant damage to some structures, the city remained mostly intact and livable.[citation needed]  An ancient black dragon named Umbrasyl took up residence in the nearby Gatshadow Mountain, returning regularly to Westruun to collect his material offerings from the people—and, sometimes, to feed.[citation needed]  Meanwhile, the Herd of Storms, bolstered by the absorbed members of the Rivermaw Tribe, took brutal control of Westruun.[citation needed]  The population of Westruun dropped from approximately 4,170[1] to a couple hundred people.[6]  Although many citizens were killed by Umbrasyl and the Herd, many others fled to Kymal, other towns, and Foramere Basin.[citation needed] 

Vox Machina managed to defeat Thunderlord Kevdak[7] and worked toward liberating the townsfolk from the Herd of Storms, and an unsteady alliance between Vox Machina and the Herd was arranged to defeat Umbrasyl.[8]  Although the Herd suffered heavy losses in the battle, Vox Machina and Herd member Shale pursued Umbrasyl to Gatshadow's peak and slew the dragon in his lair.[9]  The twelve survivors from the Herd of Storms left Westruun to join the Rivermaw Tribe[9][10].  Although danger of retaliation from the Chroma Conclave loomed over the ravaged city, Vox Machina's recent victories and construction of a fortified underground bunker encouraged the people of Westruun to begin the arduous process of returning to—and rebuilding—their town.[11]

Notable Locations Within Westruun Edit

The following notable locations may have changed dramatically after the events in Chapter 4, but this is the city as it was and may yet be again.

Opal WardEdit

  • Ironhand Trading Company Warehouse:  One of the more powerful and well-known trade companies throughout Tal'Dorei, the Ironhand Company mainly works in construction materials, such as woods, metals, rope, and roofing.  They are based out of Emon.[1]
  • Margrave's Keep: The powers of law enforcement, executive administration, and military defense in Westruun are currently vested in the person of the Margrave, an essentially military office appointed by the Tal'Dorei Council. The Margrave's keep is a sturdy structure that serves as both an executive mansion and a military barracks for many of the Shields. (CG, 59)
  • Hall of Reason: The courthouse, the Hall of Reason, is noted for the impressive statue of Bahamut on its front steps.
  • Public Forum: central to this public gathering area is another famous statue, that of the town's founder, Palest Westruun.

Residential Ward Edit

  • Softsky Bakery:  A very modest bakery that looks to have been family-run for a few generations, the Softsky Bakery is owned and run by Elowen Brist, who lives alone with her son, Simon Brist.  The smell from outside the bakery is pleasant, although the size is small and the business slow.[1]
  • The Sunkissed Tavern and Inn:  A fair-sized tavern and inn, the Sunkissed Tavern largely houses local farmers after work hours and travelers that require cheap lodging.  An attached stable makes for a convenient business for those passing through the city.  A gruff half-orc barkeep named Ulf keeps his ears open for news and valuable information.[1]

Scholar Ward Edit

  • Cobalt Reserve:  A grand dome of blue, polished stone, the Cobalt Reserve is a well-fortified library organized. The library is run and controlled by the monks of The Cobalt Soul, worshipers of Ioun who gather and retain information and knowledge.[12] The Reserve's collection of knowledge is so vast that individuals travel from all over the world to study here.  A monk is assigned to every person that seeks entry, both as a guide and as a security escort,[1] as Quian was assigned to Vox Machina during their quest to remove the proto-phylactery from Grog's torso.[13][14]
  • Greystone Tower:  A looming spire of shimmering stone in the center of the Ward, Greystone Tower is a source of mystery and much rumor within the city.  Home to the powerful archmage Realmseer Eskil Ryndarien and his servant-aide Jekt Wince, it's not uncommon to see strange colors and fumes flash from the windows throughout the evenings.[1]

Art of the observatory from Tal'Dorei campaign setting book.

  • Yuminor Observatory:  One tower on the edge of the Scholar Ward looms high above the nearby Westhall Academy.  It looks forever skyward, the arcanists inside constantly charting the movements of heavens.  A quasi-religious order of diviners and astromancers named the Scions of Yuminor study here.

Temple Ward Edit

  • Bahamut's Rest:  At the southern end of the Temple Terrace lies the alabaster and silver temple to the great platinum dragon Bahamut.  Home to the great paladin Lady Kima of Vord, Bahamut's Rest welcomes the forgotten, the oppressed, and the hungry.  Simar, Keeper of the Temple, oversees the temple and its services.[1]

Market Ward Edit

Demographics Edit

Westruun is a large city with a population of 26,205. Many races are represented among its citizens, including humans (65%), gnomes (10%), tieflings (7%), half-orcs (5%), gnolls (1%), and other races (12%).[18]

Notable People Edit

Since not all surnames are known, the following table is sorted by first name.

Name Type Description
Amelia NPC Daughter of farmer Reginald.  Rescued from the Iron Stocks by Grog.  Tried to help fight Umbrasyl but was too frightened.
Atrix NPC Margrave Atrix:  Held the title of Margrave of Westruun for over ten years before the Chroma Conclave attacked.
Cornelius NPC
Drez Vina NPC
Elowen Brist NPC
Eskil Ryndarien NPC Realmseer Eskil Ryndarien
Grimthorne NPC
Grog Strongjaw PC
Jekt Wince NPC
Joseph NPC An older man and friend of Kerrek.[19]
Kerrek Guest PC
Kima NPC Lady Kima of Vord
Noja NPC Abjurist Noja
Orin "Blackfoot" NPC A prisoner in the Iron Stocks, Orin was freed by Grog.  When Orin tried to steal Vox Machina's treasure left as bait for Umbrasyl, Pike's bomb killed him.[10]
Pike Trickfoot PC
Quian NPC
Reginald NPC A farmer who sacrificed himself to protect Amelia and the other citizens of Westruun.  Killed by Zanror.[20]
Shaun Gilmore NPC A shopkeeper from Emon, Gilmore was preparing to open his second branch of Gilmore's Glorious Goods in Westruun before the Chroma Conclave attacked.
Simar NPC Simar, Keeper of the Temple
Simon Brist NPC
Cyrus NPC Brother of Cornelius; a Westruun refugee captured by orcs and rescued by Vox Machina in "A Name Is Earned" (1x49).
Vanessa NPC A Westruun refugee captured by orcs and rescued by Vox Machina in "A Name Is Earned" (1x49).
Wilhand Trickfoot NPC
Margrave Zimmerset NPC Current Margrave

Factions Edit

References Edit

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