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Wensforth is the goblin assistant of Yussa Errenis who resides in the Tidepeak tower in Nicodranas. As an NPC, Wensforth is played by Matthew Mercer.



Wensforth is a very well-dressed goblin man wearing a double breasted vest and a pair of spectacles on the edge of his bulbous, pointed nose. He is bald and has huge protruding teeth, although unlike most goblins, Wensforth is clean and very well groomed.[1]

Fan art of Wensforth, by BlackSalander.[art 2]


Wensforth appears to be made nervous easily, especially by things that might upset or endanger Yussa, to whom he is very loyal.[2][3] However, Wensforth showed himself willing to help the Nein in times of crisis, even risking Yussa’s displeasure by giving them his Plane Shift scroll.[4]



"Homeward Bound" (2x48)

Jester knocked on the wall of the wizard's tower and eventually a door appeared that was opened by Wensforth.[5] They then arranged with him to make an appointment to meet with Yussa in the morning. Nott was immediately suspicious, warning the party not to trust Wensforth simply because he was a goblin.[6]

Campaign Two Arc 4: Swords and Angels

After failing to stop Obann in the Lotusden, the Mighty Nein teleported to Tidepeak to consult with Yussa. They were met by a nervous Wensforth, who told them that Yussa had been in the Happy Fun Ball for three weeks. Wensforth asked if the Nein thought he should reach out to Yussa’s emergency contact for help. When the Nein encouraged him, he used the Sending stone he had been given to summon Allura to Tidepeak.[7] Once the Mighty Nein rescued Yussa, Wensforth resumed his duties as Yussa's assistant.

"The Fancy and the Fooled" (2x97), "Traveler Con" (2x108), "New Homes and Old Friends" (2x111)

As the Mighty Nein teleported into Tidepeak on several occasions, Wensforth habitually greeted them and escorted them outside into the streets of Nicodranas.

"The Chase Begins" (2x112)

Jester cast Sending to Wensforth, warning him that Yeza and Luc would be teleporting into Tidepeak. Wensforth said he would take care of them and make sure that Yussa didn't see their arrival.

"The Neverending Day" (2x125)

After Sending to warn Wensforth of their impending arrival in Tidepeak Tower, the Mighty Nein visit Yussa and gain more information from Halas.

"Cat and Mouse" (2x128)

The Mighty Nein fled to Tidepeak, pursued by Trent Ikithon and his scourgers. An anxious Wensforth told them that Yussa was unreachable, as he was using Astral Projection to investigate Cognouza in the Astral Sea. Since Wensforth didn't know how to wake Yussa, he broke open the case to Yussa's Plane Shift scroll and gave it to the Nein, hoping it would help them escape. He then attempted to persuade the intruders to leave, but was unsuccessful, as Astrid pursued the Nein into the tower.

"Into the Eye" (2x131)

Jester Sent to Wensforth to ask after his safety. Wensforth said he thought he'd been ensorcelled into letting Trent enter Tidepeak, but he wasn't hurt, and was still trying to awaken Yussa.

"Fond Farewells" (2x141)

Wensforth eagerly brought the Nein to see Yussa, whom they had rescued from Cognouza. As they departed after spending time with Yussa, Veth stopped to thank Wensforth for all he'd done to help them.


Yussa Errenis

Yussa is Wensforth’s employer. While Wensforth is afraid of Yussa’s displeasure, he also appears to care for Yussa, appearing distressed at the implication that Yussa might have died inside the Heirloom Sphere.[8]

Veth Brenatto

Nott was initially suspicious of Wensforth for being a goblin, and urged the party not to trust him.[9] Months later, however, after Wensforth had helped the Mighty Nein many times, Veth thanked him for all his help and kissed his cheek. She apologised for the Nein’s constant barging-in on Wensforth, and said he was a good goblin. Wensforth told her she was a good halfling.[10]

Character Information


Wensforth knows some “extremely rudimentary” magic, but his exact abilities are unknown.[11]

Notable Items


  • Wensforth: (to Yussa) Yes, Master, what can I do for you?[13]



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