The Wayfarer's Cove is tavern in the Restless Wharf in the port city of Nicodranas. It is a bar for the working man or woman that comes in from the sea.[1]

Building DescriptionEdit

It is a dark looking dive that is the furthest of all the other bars or taverns on the docks. The super dark wood makes it look almost like a blighted barnacle. The exterior has a large piece of driftwood that belonged to a ship long before that had fallen in the ocean, or was pulled apart and the elements of it were used to build or embellish on the structure. It is a bar that was salvaged or was built from salvage.[2]


The interior has no music, just whispers and conversation. The smell is not pleasant and hits immediately, a combination of mossy musk from wood that has been soaked with seawater that had been left to dry hundreds of times over, as well as the various forms of liquor and ale that have been spilled and left to stain the wood where it lies, and a lot of unwashed sailor scent. [3] On the left side is the bar that is tended by a rather crotchety looking half-elf, who is scarred on one side of his face, a bit heavy set for a half-elf, and has a bit of a paunch and a soft chin and jawline.[4]


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