Fjord's falchion's evolution

Fan art of the evolution of Fjord's falchion, by Inkarat.[art 1]

The Waste Hunter Blade was a gnarly-looking magical[1] curved hooked longsword wielded by the Drow infiltrator Thuron[2].

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

The longsword was of a dark graphite-color, and there were several hooks accross its form, giving it a jagged appearance. [3]

History Edit

The Mighty Nein found the sword after defeating Thuron in the sewers of Zadash. [2] Fjord began using the blade, and, after consuming it in a vision, the blade merged with the Sword of Fathoms.[4]

The Waste Hunter was destroyed after Fjord absorbed the Summer's Dance into the Sword of Fathoms, thus replacing its previous absorbed weapon.[5]

Features Edit

The Waste Hunter Blade was especially useful against certain types of creatures: monstrosities[6][7] and beasts, dealing an additional 1d6 necrotic damage against those types of creatures. [8]

References Edit

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