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The Wardens of Jrusar are Jrusar's law enforcement agency.


The Wardens work for the Chandei Quorum, and are colloquially known as Wilders.[1] They are the police force in Jrusar, and include the Sky Wardens division made up of simurgh riders. The Sky Wardens also act as a taxi service between spires, for a fee.[3]

The Wardens who work alongside the Quorum at the top of the Spire wear heavier cloaks and dark green and gold-emblazoned clothing.[4]


The Wardens frequently raid the gray market of Elder's Post.[5] However, they have a reputation among many for being useless. Ariks Eshteross was unsurprised that they had been unable to solve the disappearances from the Dreamscape Theater,[6] and Stuvan Idrio was similarly frustrated with their ineffectiveness.[7] Siroc expressed a similar opinion.[8] The group later called Bells Hells saw someone nail a notice to a job board at the Spire by Fire complaining that the Wardens were overextended and requesting outside mercenary assistance from Paragon's Call.[9]

The party has encountered Wardens several times, notably after they discovered and defeated the spitting mimic wall outside the theater,[10] when Fearne Calloway snuck into a Warden office to learn more about the fate of Gurge Kisgregg,[11] and patrolling around the Moon Tower after robbing Vali Dertrana's office.[12]

Notable wardens[]

  • Keledon, the head of the wardens in the Smolder Spire
  • Chief Wilder Namin Oros[13]


  • Zhudanna's husband worked with the Wardens in some capacity.[14]



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